Many Disney animated films have a terrible message

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  • [ – ] sfkillmelater reply I notice another message in Disney movies, Don't listen to your father because he doesn't know what hes talking about. This is especially true in Pocahontas, Moana, Aladdin, and the Little Mermaid
    • [ – ] SteveLivesHere parent reply Exactly. It winds up telling kids its okay not to listen to your parents and just do whatever you want. Then when it doesn't go their way, Its not their fault. Granted I enjoyed Disney movies growing up as they were enjoyable but looking at them now, they just give an awful message.
      • sfkillmelater parent reply I worked at a daycare and we watched kid's movies daily and i found myself actively explaining to kids the how these movies were creating misconceptions. we watched Moana on repeat and I kept reminding them that her father was correct that if anyone else left the island they would have died, Moana just has special magic protection from the island. Her father is not wrong, she is just magically exempt from the consequences everyone else is subject to
  • Natanahel reply Princess and the Frog was the only movie that HAD the message of working hard to achieve your dreams... before the protagonist met a rich prince, that is.
  • AndyMoreton007 reply I agree it gives them unrealistic expectations of what they deserve translated into what they are owed. But also unrealistic expectations for life in general like the fantasy and escapism is nice but you really do have to plan and work towards goals to really make things happen. I guess you've all seen the videos that expose the word sex in the background of so many movies like in clouds smoke trees etc all Disney. Unless I was being spoofed cos I don't own any so I didn't check but the clips didn't look tampered with to me! There's loads on YT-ha wonder if those should be censored!? LOL
  • Dangerous-Dan reply spot on with this've gained a new follower!
  • Auceza reply Disney kids are losers. :-D
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