Internet Censorship - People fight it !

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply This is one of the emerging new alternatives to Twitter. Twitter Sucks And Here's How You Can Fight Them
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply I have not been that affected by the media because I have been a musician all of my life and know what it is comprised of. To put it one way, before a person is given ECT treatments, they are given an IV Sodium solution to increase the penetration of the electricity. Sodium increases the brains function like sugar. Sodium and sugar are like nitro-oxide to the brain so I am sure that is going to be part of the reconditioning of our youth. A Sodium and sugar-free diet mixed with proper mental fuel for the brain.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply I think that everyone should throw their TV sets into the trash, stop looking at the newsstands and wear earplugs in their ears when they go into an area where music is broadcast. People that have somewhere to be in a set time do not stop to think about the maze, they are just want to get to that date in the maze! If we could just box them into a cage where they have no aspirations as to being anywhere, they will lose their "Period"! LMAO But it is not funny! Some say that we just need to take advantage of these poor lost souls and profit from their stupidity. The stupidity for being lured into a new enslavement while all of the other "Freeples" F*** like rabbits! It is getting so dark in the USA that if you look, if you focus, if you open your F'ing eyes in public places, they will land on a brown man! I once thought that the hand held devices were causing A.D.D. but I know see that whites here just do not want to look up anymore because they know what they will see. Personally, I am ...morefighting all of this by stashing every single penny until I can get the hell out! I am cashing out next year and if a brown man comes into the next area that I inhabit, they are going to feel a sting! They are causing a condition that makes the Native Americans commit suicide and whites go into a coma! I hear people say Multicultural Marxism but the Russians do not even allow brown men into their white areas, so I am baffled by what everyone is trying to make out of what I am seeing with the names that are coming up with!
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply The fun thing it that hate speech is any argument against something that you do not like. I do not like the color purple, so the people that love it would consider that hate speech! Any dislike of something is hate speech. They need to get over it! If they did not cause problems that we rail against with logic, they would have no reason to be scared. Emigration is replacement of the population to bring in ignorant submissive peoples! Emigration has destroyed every nation in the face of the Earth at any time! This is the only problem that we have today that can be repaired if we eliminate fractional banking.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I agree, and I thank you for the link. All that we have read about in the Sci-Fi novels seems to be true. That is pure fascism, all the censorship. And the idiotic Muslim invaders are only used as "tools" to destabilize Western societies.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply There you are! Just thought I would pass the news. I was banned from Youtube and I changed my Modem and I was able to sign up again. Some say you an just unplug it for a day and plug it back it the power source and the MAC address will reset. Not Sure. I saw that you got more views on Daily Motion. Like 1000x more views, so you can see how they were hiding your videos now!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Hi. The censorship is increasing. Youtube has gone to shits, honestly. If other platforms are smart, they will not censor and illegally accuse people of "hate speech". Nobody likes censorship. Even the biggest youtuber makes fun of youtube and gives them the finger PewDiePie
  • [ – ] DeltaMale reply For hiccups, i drink water from the 'far' side of the cup. It involves folding yourself over . ...some of the water might go up your throat, up into the back of nasal cavity, you might cough, your breathing pattern affected... It all contributes to 'scaring' your body/diaphram.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I thank you for that advice. I often have these hickups, and then I get angry. And the more angry I get, the hickups get stronger. It is a vicious circle. I drink too much Soda, like cola and lemonade.
    • DeltaMale parent reply Maybe yelling also removes hiccups ;)
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