50gb Storage Limit On Vidme...?

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  • [ – ] albanothemadman reply Here's what I think. I'm brand new here. IMO, VIDME is a different animal than YouTube. It's a much smaller company, and simply doesn't have the seemingly infinite storage capabilities that Google and YouTube do. I think that if I curate my channel with a bit of strategy, It can work out for creators. The thing is, it will get better (again, IMO) the more creators sign up. More creators...more revenue...more storage (in a perfect world, anyway.) Remember too, VIDME is a small company that is now seeing a pretty significant influx of new people. There WILL be growing pains. I'm gonna stick it out and try to help it grow. I hope others wont freak out and jump ship. it'd be a colossal waste of a very promising platform.
    • [ – ] MovieVigilante parent reply They've had an influx of new people before this new storage limit was revealed. Do you think people are still going to come over here now that the limit has been imposed?
      • [ – ] albanothemadman parent reply I think people need to temper their expectations with reality. If we can stick this out and the site is given a chance to grow, we could all benefit with a little patience.
        • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply 100% agree with you, Albano.
        • Headbiter parent reply I'm sorry but this has nothing to do with expectations and reality. The issue (and yes, I too made a vid on that) isn't so much THAT they implement a storage limit, it's the absolutely opaque way in which they approach this. There's no video, blog post or FAQ-entry from vid.me addressing this, the email (I got it, too) does not clarify who gets affected and why, some people are contacted, some are not and email-inquieries are utterly ignored. This shit's been going around for almost two months now and while everyone can likely guess the reasons, we still haven't heard shit from vid.me. This is youtube all over again: Same sweeping changes without any feedback/communication with the community. So if what little success vidme has already makes them fall back on youtube-behaviour, why would I come here when there's still...you know...youtube. If I have to choose between vague, secretive cunts with shit technology and vague, secretive cunts with great technology, guess where I'm going. ...moreI still have ~240GB of storage usage on my channel, despite being told I'd have to cut it down to 50 GB and my request for clarification still remains unanswered. And it is NOT beyond vidme's capabilities nor is it beyond realistic expectations to get a bloody OFFICIAL statement on what is possibly the biggest change to this platform in recent times, as far as content creation is concerned.
  • [ – ] PetePreneurEntrepreneurVlog reply They shouldn't be punishing people for uploading frequently- They're the people you want on the site. Daily uploaders will be past the limit in 6 months and it will really affect those who upload evergreen based stuff especially. They should have a system where you're like super verified or something and get unlimited if your content is really good.
  • [ – ] iMissTooMuch reply If this is 100% true, it sounds like vid.me might be hurting financially. Video hosting is extremely expensive, because it requires syndicating gigabytes of content across the world. It's probably the worst industry for a small company to get into, due to the costs of just keeping the lights on. The last major updates have been about monetization. Subscription tiers, ad revenue, and PayPal support all have to do with generating income. Of course they're a company and they need to make money, but revenue seems to have been prioritized here lately. I don't want to bring doom and gloom, but I'd hate to see this site to go.
    • SeaTactics parent reply With the recent decisions youtube has made, this site NEEDS to exist because otherwise what other alternative will there be?
  • Lonecomplex reply Just bring 10,000 Followers / Subs and they'll give you another 50 gigs, lol. Why would Vidme give out free video storage to people who have a pittance of followers and generate very little traffic to the site? That includes myself of course, but you get the idea. Storage costs money and Vidme isn't Google (read: Youtube) who have immense warehouses full of triple-redundant servers and data storage. I know people want to feel like all content has equal merit, but I think we all know it doesn't. My 1gb per video content might get around 100 views if it does good. The amount of traction someone receives who's getting thousands of views per gb? Quite a bit more obviously. To keep its overhead down, Vidme could just throttle or limit the gb of people who aren't generating the impressions. Of course it's totally cutthroat and absolutely suppresses new or smaller creators who may have a dedicated (but small) audience. But I think Vidme has made it clear from how they've acted durin...moreg drama in the past that they are more than willing to promote someone with a huge existing fanbase over a no-name, even if that person was "homegrown" on Vidme. And of course I will always point out, creators of course have virtually no rights here. Vidme can delete selective videos or your entire channel at any time for (effectively) any reason. A dumb idea, but don't forget the TOS. Practically speaking, it's important not to think your videos on Youtube, Vidme, or uploaded anywhere are "safe" for storage unless you're paying a contracted service to specifically store your data.
  • [ – ] Nathan_Sample reply I don't think this is true. It's possible, but I think if there was an overall storage limit Vid.me would list that in the sites FAQ and/or Blog. For the moment I think it'd be wise to view this as hearsay, until either more vid.me users come forward with similar and believable stories about getting emails regarding a storage limit, and/or until Vid.me themselves comment about this.
    • SeaTactics parent reply I do think we need a leveled head with this, but we'll see. I think you and many others here have it right. Just wait, and on August 11th if it does in fact go through, we can then discuss this. This could just be rumors.
  • [ – ] Nikolai_Volkov reply I'm an unverified new user and I still managed to beat 2 gigs within 24 hours of joining. Guess for now I'll stick to 720 quality and see how it holds, but as someone who's spent years being screwed over by youtube, I really hope this isn't a permanent measure.
    • SeaTactics parent reply Me too man, this site has had it's moments, but this site is absolutely in a position where it is THE alternative. We need that, because I've been screwed by Youtube so many times, and this site has the community that is needed to be 2nd in a race where there is only one other person in it.
  • [ – ] Shadow_Phenix05 reply We seriously need conformation whether this is true, before making any big moves.
    • SeaTactics parent reply 100% agree, this is why I'm so in the middle with this video. We can't say as of yet if this is true. We also need to keep level headed about it if it goes through though. There could be an extremely good reason for this move.
  • [ – ] Dr-Despair reply didn't youtube have a storage limit in the beginning ?
    • SeaTactics parent reply I don't know, I didn't hop on the Youtube thing until 2008 and even then it was just casually and only a year later did I strive to make a Youtube channel.
  • MarioKarter1400 reply I still don't understand why I've never gotten an email about that. It's just very strange.
  • Sharpwing reply I got no such email. If I did it's probably buried. They should really think about more avenues of communication and not just relying on email.
  • [ – ] CollabCentre reply Have you receive the email??
    • [ – ] CollabCentre parent reply Pls lemme know cause you reach 50 gb + this might conclude my observation.
      • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply oofff... Well bad news, I deleted a bunch of stuff in preparation, and to just get rid of stuff that wasn't popular or wasn't going to be finished. But if you're observations are correct in the future, I will let you know. I'm going to follow you so I can remember too.
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply No, sir.
      • CollabCentre parent reply Also I've observe that people who have this email are verfied but have less interaction within the community. Maybe also because of the views and upvotes? Am not sure.
      • [ – ] CollabCentre parent reply Whoah that means vidme is choosing creators. I guess your channel is good to bypass the limit.
        • GamesVlog parent reply I had been verified when they first announced it, and even with the limit, I still upload Trailers because only some upload Game trailers, but not. I went over the 50GB limit, and I still upload.
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply Whats confusing me is that I know there are huge content creators..sfdebris.. Channel Awesome ..and others..that have hit that limit (or I don't see how they haven't).. so are they held to those specific rules?
    • SeaTactics parent reply Same here, hit the limit before it was implemented. It's just a strange rule to implement at such a time like now.
  • [ – ] palvarezcruz reply It seems like the people affected have many long videos and very few views per video. It makes sense since they aren't neither bringing new users nor keeping users on the platform, so they don't help with revenue and only add costs. For instance CultureShockTV and Bushy_B
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply It could be, but that would seem to me to be the wrong step forward. Wouldn't you do this for people who are unverified and don't upload often? For people like me who upload at least 4 times a week, this becomes a problem.
      • [ – ] palvarezcruz parent reply I say the only thing considered is the bandwidth to revenue ratio. Styx has over 700 videos already and keeps uploading 3 to 4 per day, but is in the top 10 most viewed, upvoted, and followed so he has nothing to worry about. You're probably fine too. The users are likely picked by algorithms because they have low upvote ratios, etc. Given the size of the site you're nowhere near the bottom of that list. Then again this is all speculation from my part. We should wait for more users to speak up and see what happens and if there's a response.
        • SeaTactics parent reply You're probably right, but I agree. Before making rash statements like I almost did, and a lot of other users have. We should just let this play out and see how this works. I just want the best for this site, and I want it to prosper.
  • [ – ] GreyMovies reply I 100% agree with you. It sucks, but I understand it for how small the site is. As a channel with daily (sometimes double daily) uploads, it's gonna hurt us, but we're willing to work with Vidme and deal with it. It'll turn people away for sure, but that's the trade-off--go bankrupt and kill the site, or lose some users and keep it up. Personally, I haven't received this email, and, having used around 62 GB, it makes me wonder why they haven't contacted me yet. It's even more concerning as to why they haven't publicly announced this, just contacted what seems to be a handful of creators. Guess we'll have to wait and see how it shakes out.
    • SeaTactics parent reply If this goes through, I'm not sure how I'll deal with it myself. But the more I think about it, I really want to try and continue along with them no matter what. Vidme has it's ups and downs from time to time, but 50gb upload limit is at least something to work with. I wouldn't mind paying for unlimited storage if the default amount we had was something like 250gb to 1tb though. Maybe depending if the user is verified or considering their worth.
  • [ – ] spookyboo reply I haven't seen it either, but I was wondering why they track the amount of gigs you take up.
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply First of all, did that video work for your yet? Is this video working fine for you? Second, I like the feature of it telling you how many gigs you're taking up, it's handy, so I don't think this was planned if this news is true. But I think level headed discussion is needed with this. If this goes through, a lot of people will feel terrible and lash out.
      • spookyboo parent reply This one worked fine. I have to go find the other and let you know. I like the feature as well. Some people say they've been getting the notices for awhile though. I don't know if they went over and got ignored or if they complied.
  • [ – ] Kaleidoscope-Ish reply I did not get that email
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply Me neither, it's crazy I never got something important like that. But a lot of people have been talking about it, so I thought reacting to it and discussing it was good to do. I mean, what do you think about this? This to me could go either way, but it certainly isn't good for creators.
      • Kaleidoscope-Ish parent reply Well I just upload here because I needed a place to store my videos. YouTube kicked me out so I guess I'll just create another account if mine gets to the limit. Not the best idea for people who vlog, diy, or gaming though
  • Carm3D reply Maybe they are coaxing people to lean towards quality over quantity.
  • [ – ] holmen38 reply Think this 50 GB limit will send people right back to youtube.
  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply we are a political channel and many political commentators came over to vidme due to channels being shut down randomly. We were told "Vidme won't censor you..." so sad about the limit- now we have to find another hosting site because Youtube is censoring on a large scale
    • SeaTactics parent reply I don't want to make comments like I know everything about Vidme, but right now politics on Vidme isn't exactly the best. Not saying your content doesn't deserve to be on here, but there are a lot of channels here that think something is "politics" when it's just "conspiracy theories". It seems they're holding back with politics for the time being, at least until they can have a proper voice. That's just speculation though. As for politics, try hosting your stuff on Twitch or Mixer, but contact Microsoft and Twitch first. They may set you up, or just won't let you stream.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply I got an e-mail and I'm at 3x the limit :(
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