The Ugly Truth About Christian Genocide | Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux

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  • jfredfrog reply ditto GeorgeEnglish! ADL ruining it over at boobtube.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Israel is the problem and you both know it. They control America and Britain. Americans give 4 Billion of American workers tax to Israel every year. A total disgrace. Plus they keep stealing land that belongs to the people of Palestine.
  • TandeJane reply Stefan, do you know Kevin Shipp, the former CIA Intelligence Officer, who put his life on the line (and his family's) when he wrote his book, 'The Company of Shadows' exposing the CIA? He told me of how the CIA, at Brennan's instruction I might add, made saying "Merry Christmas" within the agency, an offense and should not be said. Funny how the media won't report that type of suppression. Kevin, being the integrity filled man that he is, yelled out "Merry Christmas" on Xmas eve as he was leaving the office. What consequences did he suffer for that disobedience, none! YouTube removed Gabe Zolna's channel because he's a right winger who speaks the truth. He made a Vidme video informing us of a massive YouTube/Google lawsuit for discrimination, that I think I'll join since YouTube rejected a video I tried to upload showing the underground tunnels right at the end of my street with "CMB" written on the side of these tunnels. Once I found CMB=Cosmic Microwave Backround, that expla...moreined their rejection. They can't allow that to be shown. People might actually wake up!! I'm so far deep in this rabbit hole Stefan, if I tried to tell people all I've learned, the men in white coats would come for me!! I'd like to share more, but, NOT here in a public forum. Not safe. I stumbled upon something that made me see........Obama aka Barry Soetoro, brought us full circle. It has to pertain to the Statue of Liberty. Knowing you though, you already know? I've contacted Larry Nichols, he's building his army and he needs people to stop talking and start acting. Well, I'm all in right next to him and I'm ready for this fight. I believe he's absolutely right, it's time to suit up, it's gonna get ugly!!
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply Stalin murdered Christians through crucifixation and that never hit the world stage and that was tens of millions above the German holocaust. Mussolini did the same and still nothing. Kabul used to be Christian for 900 years. But as of the last year it's been taken over by muslims to the point of killing people for baptisms and open weddings. Just like pagans were overthrown, killed, tortured, harassed, then coerced to convert so Christianity is suffering the same at the hands of Islam. How ironic that, eh.
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