WHAT IF RADITZ TURNED GOOD? PART 5 | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • YaBoyJeezus reply I personally believe Trunks would still fuse with Goten because "ew cooties" and whatnot, typical boy nonsense. And just as an aside, I think it would be neat if Ranch triggered her Super Saiyan transformation the same way Launch triggers her transformations: via sneezing. As established with Goten and Kid Trunks, going Super Saiyan is more or less just a thing they can do, so why not Ranch?
  • VidmeFunDiy reply Nope I have better one... What if jirobai turned good?!?!
  • VidmeFunDiy reply What if Arale turned good??? Bad ass ;)
  • TelinZhou reply Nice FanFic
  • Vandalia1998 reply I think it was confirmed that more then 2 can do the fusion dance so why not just do a Sayain Trio Dance
  • ProjectJ reply No point in a what if if you don't make some genuine divergences. A lot of your what if series usually follow the main plot almost to a T with just a few characters 'being stronger' or whatever. But yeah with that said go with Raunch. No point if you don't change things up after all.
  • KurveKile reply nice vid
  • [ – ] MaximVB reply Is it weird that I've never watched anime..? 🤔
  • powerofanime1 reply I vote for Raunch. Gotenks was the most annoying thing in the series.
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