Top 5 Language Tricks of the Left

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  • ProudStraightWhiteConservative reply BIG GOVERNMENT LIBERALISM IN 5 EASY STEPS: 1) DON'T KNOW FACTS (OR LIE AND FABRICATE UNTRUTHS) 2) ONLY MAKE EMOTIONAL ARGUMENTS. 3) REPEAT WHAT YOU SEE OR HEAR ON CBC OR MSN 4) BE VERY OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING 5) IF ANYONE DISAGREES WITH YOU CALL THEM A RACIST "No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produced." - Thomas Sowell "A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money." - Gordon G. Liddy
  • [ – ] ProudStraightWhiteConservative reply Jill, your professionalism in expressing truths and facts may have a position with Rebel Media. Keep up the good fight. "BLM 's 10 demands to honkies: Hand over your valuables"
  • [ – ] freethatsfunny reply The Orwellian world of double speak is here. The more you see these days and hear the more you have to translate from double speak into a normal critically thinking language. In others words, common sense, which I suppose these days is not so common ;)
    • jillcolton parent reply It really is wild. They try and knock the common sense out of kids while in elementary school ... then high school. Never worked on me, double think is too complicated and a waste of time. The direct route is always the fastest.
  • fast07wrxtr reply I need a tshirt that says: "I'm not offended" Anyways, after watching this, I now 'identify' as being 'offended' now gimme all your money you beautiful racist! One you could have added: "Community." Whenever they use this word, then I already start to quit listening as their bias vomit takes hold of their speech. I suppose is synonymous with "as a ______" however.
  • [ – ] Mike_The_Monsta reply Wow you look beautiful :) Wonderful, smart video. I hope your channel grows here!
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