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  • [ – ] tageneislover reply Credits are alright. The bullshit starts when you watch the DVD version of a movie. You get 10 minutes of shitty advertisments that you can't even skip.
  • pokematic reply When I think of great opening credits, I think of Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Ace destroying the fragile package, great montage. Though opening credits in general, I need it to be entertaining. I personally don't care for the James Bond openings. They were cool the first couple times, but then I got board (naked silhouettes dancing, for an extended period of time, "OK, the first couple of seconds were good, but now take me to the movie"). Superman opening credits, cool, but getting kind of board (it's just names on the screen). Spider-Man credits, cool imagery for a brief recap, but I already know that. I enjoyed Guardians Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 because it ACTUALLY did things during the credits. Things were happening, we were getting character development as to who Starlord and baby Groot were. I like Toy Story's opening because we're seeing who Andy is, and why Woody is the main character (everything is cowboy, Andy is really into cowboys so Woody is his favorite). If we're actually getting...more things with the characters and set-up, then I'm for opening credits. If it's just "hey lets do something cool because it's cool," I'm not for it. Then again, I'm a 24 year old millennial that grew up in a post Lion King world (I now know the classics, but the movies I grew up on left a lot of this art out). I grew up with "dying opening credits" and "lets put animated out takes during the credits."
  • brandon_roberts reply eh i don't mind it too much as long as the movie is good, however i will admit i kinda miss epic opening credit sequences
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I enjoyed Mars Attacks, and consider it one of Tim Burton's most underrated. Maybe someone should get @ralphthemoviemaker to do his take on the opening credits topic?
  • RoboLynx reply The reason that credits became as long as they did was not because of movies requiring more and more people to make them, but because it became legally required to give credit to everyone who worked on the films. This is why credits (or at least complete credits) were pushed to the end of the movie.
  • AutobotJediIronmanYT reply I never understood why Austin is the capital of Texas, Houston is larger and more populated, but with Hurricane Harvey, that Idea is squashed.
  • BlueSkyHero reply I recently did a list of some of the greatest movie openings. Check it out if you're all interested.
  • liamdude5 reply Is it weird that the main thing I took away from this is "Holy shit! The Nostalgia Critic showed footage of A Series of Unfortunate Events!"
  • GaryTurbo reply Openning credits are like cockblocking, its just gets in the way
  • [ – ] temporalmix reply I'm a HUGE fan of the cold open.
    • [ – ] talkingpictures parent reply It all depends on the cliffhanger they leave it on before going to the cold open. It works for TV most of the time because it's expected and Bond movies because he's always on some other unrelated mission at the start but cold opens don't work on a vast majority of movies imo. Better to have them at the start.
      • [ – ] temporalmix parent reply I think the times are a changin', and more and more movies are going for the cold open these days for a reason. Most ten minute Youtube videos have a cold open in a sense these days, just to grab people's attention right away. IMO, the credits can wait for the end. We all know who's in it, and if we care enough, we'll look it up on IMDB. Let the movie play.
        • talkingpictures parent reply Maybe, but after most modern cold opens, they only display the name of the movie and that's all - not a full fledged credit sequence. They could just as easily do that at the start and get it out of the way. As for IMDb that is a good point that the video didn't really mention. With the advent of the internet, there is no longer a need to see the credit sequences when we can get all that information alongside other biographical and filmography data online.
  • brandon_roberts reply i don't mind as long as the movie is good but i do miss opening credit sequences
  • [ – ] Graphic_Description5974 reply Another film that had great opening credits recently was Valerian City of a Thousand Planets. It's not a good film but the opening credits did get me excited.
  • ScottSand523431 reply Green Lantern HYPE
  • MFarghali reply I honestly watched only the intro of Lord of Wars when I was a child and still remember it and I'm 20
  • TommyDiazMillan reply U have the intros 2 all 11 of The Pink Panther movies. Intros 2 all 3 Spider-Man movie. Intro 2 Catch Me If You Can and a short intro 2 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.
  • BanditHaze reply The Spider-Man movies had some awesome opening credits.
  • JimtheRetroGamer reply Following u here now! It was nice meetin you at fan world !
  • anderssinho reply This is quality content! :)
  • Zissgo reply expand (possible spam) Würde mich freuen wenn ihr euch mal mein carporn anguckt und es bewertet :) Kritik ist erwünscht :)
  • patrickbrinkmann reply :D i know what you mean my friend! Greez from Germany! Patrick
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