Plato & Calling People Out Online

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  • [ – ] MokshaDharma reply Yes more philosophy videos please! The world needs more of this. Today is my first day on and yours is the 2nd video I've watched. It's content like this which will keep me coming back : )
    • hayleyharp parent reply Thank you so much! :) I would love to make more philosophy videos because it's a niche interest of mine I don't spend enough time thinking about tbh. I'll add it to the list to do another one soon!
  • [ – ] average_nobody reply Hayley, it is refreshing to hear a young person bring logic and respect into the art of conversation. Like you, I eased into a broader thought process during college. I have taught my kids what I have learned which is, know the facts before taking a stand on any issue, something that seems to be lacking in most comments one can see on any Internet platform. It would be nice to see you write an op-ed on the narrative you gave in this video for your blog or submit to a publication of your choice because the advice is sound and relevant.
    • hayleyharp parent reply Thank you so much for this kind response! I could definitely write a blog post about this going more in depth. I'll add it to the growing list of things to get around to haha thanks for the suggestion!
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