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  • UnauthorizedExpression reply I think a couple of these ppl are the SAME ACTOR!
  • [ – ] TankinTom reply Dude, this is awesome, kept me laughing, especially the Merlin bit!
  • StayandPlay reply Merlin, I can mad relate.....ugh Kingdom Hearts brah, cannot stand it. You're right it's not fun or entertaining. Tell Bobby to keep you on.
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Sorry I'm so late into this. I may be a bit biased bc I'm a gamer but I absolutely love Merlin! His rating system I can totally understand even if he doesn't lol
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Eyyyyyy!!!! The intro got me hyped!!!! Merlin is a super legend! Reviewing games like the angry video game wizard haha. What is he wearing!? I'm not mocking I don't wanna get zapped. I just thought Merlins wear robes or something lol. "Yes I have to look at the box to see i am not a gamer what do you expect" hahahaha great line. "Merlin didn't say boobies he said the other word it's with a t" hahahaha merlin is too good! Who sang the song follow me? Can't remember his name. Production is so sick for this! Very impressive stuff. Performances was really good man you got my attention the whole time even though I'm watching this while super exhausted! When you dropping episode 2? This has gotta be the official show of vidme!
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply Dayum, da production value on dis.
  • rebeledgeentertainment reply Thank you to anyone watching this Epsiode. This is the pilot and I will make sure to make sure this season gets better and better with each Epsiode. As always I love you all and you stay awesome.
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