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  • DavidTeunissen reply Vaping they try to make illegal it works to good its a beter alternative to all the chemicals they put in cigarettes ,,, i grew my own tobacco and its such a difference compared,, as for the weed i fell in a big bong in my youth ,, now i dont need it, Am connected to her and if i do she starts demanding .
  • DavidTeunissen reply Can see you commented ..but not what ?
  • [ – ] DavidTeunissen reply Nice contents.. but stop smoking start vaping instead to get of the tobacco
    • Neverbug parent reply Thanks man! On the subject of your demands though... I have vaped before and honestly think it is an equally unhealthy trend because nicotine is still in the glycerine. Tobacco is a sacred herb just like ganja and should be free for people to cultivate just like any other naturally occurring plant!
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