Generation Z’s Social, Political & Technological Challenges

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  • DaemonGameZ reply You seem to fear a world without technology and the internet. Yet we depend on them to survive as a species. Cell phones could use a how to survive with out your cell app.
  • Iykury reply I can never not notice when non-Americans say Z. It sounds weird to me.
  • pineapplesandhotsauce reply I'm generation z and I know what life was like without the internet. Dude I still have a VCR wtf. I didn't even get my first phone until I was fifteen, and i didnt use a laptop until i was sixteen so I know how to cope with a life without technology jeez.
  • CuneiformHub reply I had been reading about this recently. By the way, I didn't have the internet until 2010. Got to love being an outlier.
  • ShriekingShade reply I was born in 1997, yet I don't feel like I fit in completely with Generation Z.
  • KumaKuma reply Was there ever a time where the USA was not at war? Or in a warlike conflict?
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