THE EVOLUTION OF YOU | A VidMe Community Project

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  • [ – ] MariaTheGerman reply Dooks you're back!!! This was soo cool to watch!! Shake used to keep saying "you know" xD made me laugh! Mine made me cringe so much! Such an idiot. Yourself looool "same sweater and hat" too funny and the with a twist but had me in tears! Perfect video!!!
    • DookisWatching parent reply Yes I'm back 🤗. I neglected this video for so long 😩. All I can say is thank you for being in it, yours had me dying! And yes you're still a weirdo xD. Thank you again and I'm soooooo sorry it took so long!
  • [ – ] duffy reply Great video dude. Thanks so much for putting this together! Love to see stuff like this!
    • DookisWatching parent reply Thank the other creators for taking part in this! Just wanted to show veiwers that even their favorite creators had a beginning...even if it was awful xD
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply awesome!!!
  • [ – ] ChaoticGaming reply Bout Time
  • [ – ] Rawman reply dooks reactions at the end are killing me hahaha!! "ooohhh what a twist" hahaha best laugh! every time you laughed it got me hahaha!! really enjoyed this video it was a great time man well done!
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply Dude that reaction was fuckin legit, I saw my sweater and instantly roasted myself. And I thought I was so damn cool back then! XD. Though I'd like to see one of your old ones!
      • Rawman parent reply Haha i thought it was a set up to wear that jumper! Crazy it was a coincidence haha. My older videos even from a week ago make me shrivel up never mind going back even further oh god!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply hahaha i can feel the cringe from here but it's crazy to see the PROGESS of everyone. Really everyone evolved. Great to see the humble beginnings of all of you. Sorry for not being able to join this, it was a busy time for me. Great video
  • [ – ] Branbert reply I'm glad i was able to be a part of this & it was awesome to watch everyone's entries and seeing how critical they are of their own work. Dook i see your outfit didn't evolve(even the logo had the same outfit on lol), but i can definitely see your progression in your content. Thanks for making this cool video
    • DookisWatching parent reply ....those fart noises man. When I was editing this and that popped up I died. You sir have come a long way from screen recording so it was very nice seein that. Yes my outfit sadly hasn't and will probably never evolve.....yes people I wash my sweater 😂
  • [ – ] Dazzlinglatte reply I love this. This was so much fun to be a part of & watch. I even see a few channels in here that I haven't heard of yet and am going to be taking a look at. 😃
  • [ – ] GamerRaf reply This is awesome. Sucks I didnt know about it until it was too late. This was really cool. Awesome work.
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply I don't think I knew about you when I first pitched the idea 🤔 it was back in February. You should still make one
      • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah. No, we didn't know each other yet. Maybe I should make one. I'm terrified to look at my first video XD
  • [ – ] beigeboy reply this made me go back on watch my 1st video on yt, yep super cringy
  • [ – ] GalaxyGaming reply shame i missed this ! would have enjoyed taking part but to be fair im actually quite new at being a content creator so im still evolving right now haha :)
  • [ – ] skpacman reply Man, dook gave me the first spot. ✌️😂 I'm honored
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply You were the first to submit so you deserve that spot! Also my friend the tip wasn't necessary as I'm gonna be splitting the tip with all of you! I'm gonna add to the pot a little bit ;)
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply Yass finally the most anticipated video! @Chaoticgaming that was the first video that got copyright striked too? lol damnnn pausing the video on DK face doe. Its cool to see how all of us in this video have evolved as content creators! Hey @DookisWatching ...... Booo! haha thanks for having us all be part of this.
    • DookisWatching parent reply If you pay close attention to that'll see a huge wad of spit come outta my mouth. Chaotics video was funny! But long! 10mins! I see you've evolved gary big time! Thanks for being a part of it bro! 💩
  • [ – ] Tharen reply Fantastic sorry i missed this
  • [ – ] Arcade-Salad reply really nice video
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply YEEESSSSS!!!! I was waiting for this!!!! YAAAAY!!! I love seeing progress--reflecting on where we've all come from and seeing where we've landed so far in our time as content creators is the best evidence of progress. Just think about how much everyone had the potential to evolve over the next few years!! @DookisWatching, congratulations on a A+ video collaboration project.
    • DookisWatching parent reply Yes exactly! Watching everyone pick apart their video was exactly what I wanted. Everyone for the most part learned from their past mistakes and grew out of their comfort zones. Thank you so much for the kinds words! And I'm sorry again for not releasing it sooner
  • [ – ] Proto reply Omg... so cringe XD. Thanks for including my video, it was really fun to make :)
  • [ – ] saucesspoon reply hahaha i can feel the cringe from here but it's crazy to see the PROGESS of everyone. Really everyone evolved. Great to see the humble beginnings of all of you. Sorry for not being able to join this, it was a busy time for me. Great video
  • [ – ] ProjectKillJoy reply This is honestly my favorite video on VidMe. This is the essence of a content creators journey
  • [ – ] IAmCKtv reply Man what a great idea for the community, loved learning and seeing everyone go thru the pain of going back to where it started haha Video came out great bro, keep pushing for the community
  • [ – ] devthedoodler reply Dangit I should've taken part of this project. I started animating in 2007 ( 7 years old) the quality of the animations from 2007 and 2017 the cartoon I'm working on is like the difference between the stone age and the industrial age. I've always liked these type of videos because it shows how a creator evolves and how things change and they try experiments that don't last long. The video quality increases for video and audio, better equipment etc... I think as a creator you should keep your old videos,animations,lets plays whatever. Because when your in doubt it will inspire you that you have come this far in creating stuff.
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply That's good advice. It's kinda why I haven't closed my YouTube. As a reminder that I've come a long ass way since when I started. Dude!!! I woulda loved to had seen that I admire the shit outta animators! It was actually my first career choice back in the day.
      • devthedoodler parent reply Thanks for the supportive comment. :D If your interested of seeing some screenshots of my animations over the years I can screenshot them and send you a PM message on vidme.
  • [ – ] bononoz1 reply I wish I knew about this, I would have loved to participate, but enough about me being an egotistical prick, I loved this!
  • [ – ] DoobelS reply This is so cool! Good idea for a community project, Dook!
  • [ – ] AJPatz reply What a twist 😂
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply I thought the videos were supposed to be under a minute. That's why mine was so short.....
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply I liked yours! You weren't kidding around XD. I think I said two minutes, which not many people listened but still! I really wanna know how you got your name? 🤔
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply This is such an awesome video. It's good for us new creators because it shows that everyone starts out somewhere. Good to look back now and then. Thanks for this! Keep being awesome!
  • [ – ] SpeakingOfGames reply This is phenomenal well done everyone involved!
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply dude this has to be the coolest project ever. how long did this take you? lol
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply Let's see, I pitched the idea 2 months ago, fell into the pits of hell (work), was harassed non stop by a couple of people regarding it, climbed out of hell, gathered all the clips, and poof finished project. So about a week 😂
      • MFKraven parent reply hahaha pits of hell, i use to call my job The Plantation, well im glad you did man. this shit inspired me to always keep evolving. also- i was also once skinny too :'( lol
  • AdamUPNow reply Keep at it everyone.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply @DookisWatching Wasuuuup! I ain't seen you in forever, homie! I've been pestering people all night and I'm a little burnt out for the moment. I'm definitely gonna come back and watch this tomorrow and I'm gonna say things you're gonna regret. I might not even finish watching before making a jackass of myself. PEACE!
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