Gert Ther Ster | Super Mario 64 Episode 22

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  • [ – ] GHondo reply 0:50 - Nice lesson about explosives safety... :) 0:53- "He blew, like, instantly!" - I was sure if you were going for the "he blew - gross!' type of joke, or one about premature ejaculation. So I covered both here. :) 2:17 - Of course, I would prefer to watch you succeed than die. You can do it, champ! :) 6:30 - Ummm, star... I guess? I don't know how to do emojis, sorry. :) 8:05 - "Pope Benedict's secret struggle with ***" - "how to explain getting his penis caught in a Chinese Finger Trap puzzle with a child's penis" (hmmm, that might be crossing the line) 8:28 - Wait, what? You think I'm hating on your content? Are you nuts?
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