State Funded Fake News Bailout? Yep!

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  • MickiDaWop reply Good to see you here on Vidme, now everyone I watch is here; Sargon, Styx, Razorfist, Bearing, WozLee and ComputingForever. I don't ever have to visit YouTube again, I'll sleep better at night.
  • Sylwoos reply Public founded media made sense back in the time where we only had three channel on TV. Now? It's just a tool of propaganda holding politician in hostage during the election to get more funding.
  • Leadhead reply Used to listen to CBC all the time, just can't now, should be scrapped.
  • dcreed reply Make it obvious that the media is up the government's butt and we'll see them as the crap they really are.
  • Session_Jones_209 reply never mind the fact that businesses are supposed to adapt and change with the times to remain competitive right
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