Breaking; President Trump Just Sent A Clear Message To NATO Members

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  • skyraven reply Glad your ministry can continue
  • adambradley518 reply So glad you on vidme!!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Their mission is to make Trump and every member of his Team look bad, in an attempt to turn the people against Trump, It's time that Trump took a stronger effort to drain the swamp. He needs to use all his contacts to find relevant information. That will help him drain the swamp, as they keep trying to create fake news in the effort to discredit every member of Trumps team.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Trump needs to adapt his stagey, He needs to create several special investigations into Democrat corruption and bribes when they find information have Spicer inform the media that they are issuing warrants for the arrest of the Democrat. Then Trump needs to have a Justice that he can trust release the details of what they found and why their seeking prosecution. Trump needs to drain the swap or it will keep attacking him on everything he does. Nancy Pelosi is obviously incompetent and they should have her give testimony, she can't piece two thoughts together and she needs to go as she is completely incompetents. Videos of how confused need to be shown to the world. Corruption in the DNC is so rampant they even rigged the election against Bernie who's wife is under investigation for Bank fraud. The independent media can help expose these Satanic Democrats to everyone as Trump will get no help from the main stream media it's up too the Alternative media to expose their corruption.
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