Steve Shives Has Slept With 4 Women In His Life

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  • [ – ] Hornshoe reply Notice that he didn't say four women, he said four *people*
  • jmcder reply fuck youtube
  • [ – ] Daniel_r_mccormick reply Block on youtube, so guess ill just start watching over here.
  • [ – ] DareLes reply eat shit YT
  • Daniel_r_mccormick reply Will you be posting all your videos over here? I'd like to just stop going on youtube all together.
  • AuriferousOwl reply It would have been great if Steve would have said something crazy like 87.
  • [ – ] DangerZone reply I deleted the YouTube app. Everyone I care about watching is here. Let YouTube parish.
  • Fyndicated reply I have no respect for Steve Shives at all. But when it comes to the topic of whether or not its a good thing to have sex with multiple sexual partners over your lifetime, Whether you be a man or woman. It is only because you live in a depraved immoral society that you believe this is something that one should be admired and looked up to for doing. It takes much more will power, moral fortitude, hard work and humility to find a good woman who is actually worth sleeping with and to stay with that person and only that person, create a loving worthwhile marriage and family with them. It takes little will power to find many loose women to sleep with, Especially in this day and age. Believe it or not AIU. Not all Men see themselves as merely animals with the soul aim of acting out their depraved carnal lusts as their primary purpose in life. Living an immoral life full of sin and debauchery is the easy way. It is not something to be praised and celebrated. Sure its pleasurable and fun f...moreor a temporary time. It only ends ultimately in destruction and death. There really is nothing great or admirable about that outcome. There is no honor or glory in it. It is vain stupidity.
  • Raptor_Actual reply I M A G I N E M Y S H O C K
  • kill_dano reply fuck youtube indeedeo
  • [ – ] TRUTHBOOT reply He only found 4 women who would wear a strap on & pound his narrow ass.
  • [ – ] Jim-Bob reply How many MEN has Steve slept with tho?
  • BirdPerson90 reply I'm in my late 20's, and if we're talking about full vaginal penetration, I've only slept with 3 women. I wouldn't go to Steve for advice on this.
  • ChrisDangerfield reply Listening to Devon laugh at the beginning of this is contagious. The last time I felt like this, was when he was doing the same to 'DEEK'.
  • Fyndicated reply Why are the majority of Atheists arrogant cringey fuckers who think they know better than anyone who is not.
  • Kizzume reply Oh look, it's Roosh-VI-Is-Unstoppable. You've finally reached that lovely status of a misogynistic pickup artist. Great job kid that was one in a million others whose only bragging right is that you've fucked a lot of women. Congrats Roosh VI, congrats.
  • cutebots reply *reads title* Huh, I expected less.
  • lethalkitten reply this is just natural selection in action 4 seems like the right amount for a specimen like shives
  • [ – ] alfbenny reply i had been with 4 girls by the time i was 16 hahaha
  • PeachBalie reply This kind of sex-shaming is why we need feminism. For men. To protect men from sex-shaming.
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