Armoured Skeptic is a Feminist - Angry MGTOW

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  • SlyNine reply Feminism was pretty bad from the start. It's always been steeped in patriarchy theory. Patriarchy =/= patriarchy theory. When men lack the right to vote, and are forced off to a foreign land to die in a ditch. You have to do some real mental leaps to say they are your oppressors and you're more oppressed than them. They didn't want equal rights in the work place to earn or work their way up. (Because jobs back then sucked) they were always about female privileges regardless of how that effected men. That's not to say they didn't have some legitimate concerns. But given how much spin they throw into their claims. It's hard to know what they were.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply That comment was put there with auto correct and I ciuldnt delete it with my cellphone no this isn't a cop out .. it's the truth
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Std is this moron babbling about ?
    • SlyNine parent reply Could you elaborate on what words or combination of words are so confusing to you?
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