Top 10 Reasons I Love Anime

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Great grouping of anime. Like you said the medium just has so many different things to offer. It's just as complicated as getting into cinema. There are so many different types, genres, age groups, and the list of anime to watch increases every season so you can spend a lot of time watching and still have more to interest you.
    • RSNAnime parent reply Thank you as always for your comment. You're right, there are so many different things that anime has to offer that it's incredible. It really feels like every time I finish 1 anime I find 5 others that I want to watch. And that's not even counting the new shows that I watch every season.
  • [ – ] Everything_Animated reply Very well done video good sir. I'm gonna totally steal this as a comeback video. I'm gonna be back sometime within the next couple weeks. Nice to see you growing. Surprisingly I'm almost at 50 followers and haven't posted a video in months.
    • RSNAnime parent reply Thank you for the comment, and be curious to see what your ten anime for this would be. I've been steadily growing with each video it seems though half of the followers just seem to follow everyone, but between YouTube and Vidme I'm close to 200 total so I'm happy.
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