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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply *dabs with you*
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Them haters are going to deeply feel them dabs
      • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply They always do. (sorry for what happened btw being blocked)
        • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Not to be a short-sighted brute or anything, but don't even you have your own share of blocked Vidizens? There is an easy way to source out at least one of the users I'm referring to, but if he's not the only one you have on a blocklist then I'd rather not mention him right off the bat as he was kind of a hot mess altogether (even for patient and resourceful me). But the point I'm trying to get to, is, even if block listing is exhausting as per an investment to clean your channel up (@SamEarl13 even made a video beholding his strategy of blocking Vidizens before they even encounter each of our channels, but even with infinite blocks that's rather finicky), I was still hoping that for anyone else you see in a light not too far from plausible redemption arcs that you'd perhaps even experiment with how they could eventually contribute in reasonable commute to your channel. But sorry if this comes across as yelling "hypocrisy", it's just my two cents! :D
          • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply I honestly don't remember but I might have and he was the only one because he got in a fight with @JustABloke on my 50 Followers Video? I did just check my block list and nobody is on it (SamEarl13 hasn't blocked me either). Maybe at one point this guy was but I have the worst memory. I get what you're saying though, but I do rarely block people in general. When I do block people, it's probably because of something REALLY blown out of proportion. I'm an asshole, but I'm not block-happy and want to make my videos available to everyone if they love/hate me or if I love/hate them. This video was a joke and the person who blocked me on the first place was one of my favorite creators on They just came back from a break and their new video popped up and I was happy they we're making content again. I was blocked right when I was watching the video. I have spoken to this person and actually debated on buying something from them once I got a job. I do realize my Tweets could have...more been/were offensive, and that happens (I still don't know if it was my Tweets), I'm a very disagreeable person for sure. But I did have every right to be confused about it the day it happened. I can be hypocritical but I honestly wanted to make a small joke to help with my anxiety about this tbh.
            • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply Sam I think is is talking to me. @nodetact I was mainly saying sorry to her because I know who she is talking about. Doing a fun video to not let it bother you does help, humor helps most situations. (? I think) I don't have a list of blocked vidizens but I did block one person they did not follow me, must have made a weird comment eh but I do see your point about seeing and redeeming people if I blocked them but again don't really block people. I will use your 2 cents, worth a little more in my opinion! I messaged you about it either way @nodetact
              • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Yikes sorry about that rant then... But yeah @nodetact , neither Amanda or I block everyone we disagree with.
                • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply true, I have someone who follows me doesn't like black beans 😱 No one is ever gonna agree 100 percent but that's ok <3
                  • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Rofl I saw that cooking video in particular (I don't really watch all of your channel's how-to videos, albeit that contradicts both my expressed ideals for either Vidizens or content creators to expand their horizons/tastes [<- pun intended] when it comes to videos, as well as my desires to be understood for my reasoning behind attempting the "multi-niche" and why I don't just expertise in one factor as you do for food, which would obviously not be as hard to organize and legitimize... And I wouldn't wanna ironically contradict myself after calling you out for a contradiction, now would I? :S), and honestly while its cool that out of your about a score count of current videos you in fact remember precisely where they are deriving that opinion from, there's a slight burdening truth underlying what I just emphasized in that previous parenthesis: If there is something your followers don't know about what you are capable of doing and/or wish to be acknowledged for having a passion for, the...moren even if it's not something you intend to publicize esp. in terms of video hosting, then at least open up about it, and whether it is too personal or not your call to reveal is still within the question. In the only couple of videos I promised to keep this time around (gonna stick with PC/laptop video editing, no matter the video editor lmao), in less than 15 min. total (even without 2x+ comments to comment points ratio) Vidizens can already tell that not only do I at least have potential in those various optimistic fields, but they also pity my hopes to not be judged based on whether I look like I only am good at and/or prefer to make certain kinds of video content in the long run of it. Some will argue towards the League of Legends/etc. ideology that if I want to be truly good at my craft, whatever it may be, that it should not have to be faltered behind itself just because I sideline it with other doings I myself label as equally deserving priorities. Based on numerous Vidme comments I posted in the past, there's nothing I attempt to distinguish more than the very concept of me equating a single given profession/career/ability/etc., and to think that I cost more than my individual potency is still not gonna bleak out my dreaming to vegetate both quality and quantity, be it my rise or doom. Think about that @AmandaFood.
          • thy_koosk parent reply Also I hope i didn't sound rude with my response, I didn't mean to but I'm js this in a chilled voice.
          • thy_koosk parent reply Nvm, SamEarl13 wasn't the guy, I'll check out his content though
        • thy_koosk parent reply True and don't be, I'm not actually angry about it and understand why, on Twitter I did put out some offensive tweets that day which may have influenced that
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply But what if the haters... dab back😱
  • [ – ] Rawman reply That on them haters! You can't block a dab when it's in a hater, sorry hater... You just been dabbed on...PLEASE don't try dab back.
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply Did you know that is video is on the trending page? :)
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply Oh no! Not you too! LOL
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply lol, it happens my dude!
      • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic parent reply I was talking about the dabbing thing, not being blocked. LOL I feel like I have been annoying people lately, so I have been commenting less. LOL I am a 55 year old socially awkward introvert. LOL
        • thy_koosk parent reply You're never annoying! And I know, I promise this video is even more ironic than my love for the Minions (which is too ironic to comprehend) though, not the getting blocked part, but... The actual dabbing. I think I know why the blocking happened, so I don't actually blame the person for doing it and this was more of a bad shitpost that was Jake Paul inspired (lots of Jake Paul stuff went down in the last few days on my feed)
  • [ – ] houstonhowl reply YEA! You tell dem haters.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply LoL hey your not REAL unless you gets yourself some haters right !!! (always knew you was real)
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply Oh. My. God. You're a JakePauler. What the heck. Lmao. You also looked completely high in the very beginning. DAB ON DEM HATAASS YO!!! 😂😂😂
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply INDEED 😂 Also I made this because I knew I'd look stoned out of my mind tbh, JAKE PAUL IS MY DADDY 😂😂😂 (hope you know this is shitpost central)
      • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply OMG. I do like Logan. He's original but just kinda sucks that he only got famous because his brother was with Disney. A lot of people don't like the Paul Brothers because they had the connections that a lot of other artists that are really good just don't have. They are lucky dudes. Also, I'm not hating.
        • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply I know you aren't, and thank you for the information on them. I really don't know much about Logan and just know Jake made a bad rap song one night and got into some tobacles afterwards 😂 but I understand why artists would be a bit ticked by them.
          • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, he made the song and it's so shitty but it's somewhat catchy in a weird way. Logan is good because he has this format...I kind of took his ending and made a rock spin to it when I say peace and do the "Kali-Rock Shake". It's like my new format. But anyway, yeah...if he started from the would be different. Jake got him all the subscribers. 10 million I think it is now.
  • [ – ] ArcyKnight reply Haters gonna hate. That's what the do.
  • YoungByronVidz reply Dabs On Those Haters too.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply D̶̗͂ A̶ B̴͔̅ O̸̕ N̴ T̵̞̈́ H̷ E H̴̚ Ā̵͇ T E R̸͆ Ṣ̴͛
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