About Vidme

Are you creating original videos? Let's get in touch!

How does Vidme work?

Upload your videos and Vidme turns them into simple shortlinks (like https://vid.me/9Ta) which can be shared or embedded anywhere. Great videos on Vidme also get upvoted and featured, increasing your audience. Check us out on TechCrunch and Variety.

How’s this different from other video platforms?

  • Simplest upload ever. Literally drag-and-drop a video onto this page and it will start uploading. Go on, try it!
  • Trending hashtags. Everyone can add hashtags, but the community decides how they rank and what hits the frontpage.
  • New revenue. We’re working hard on new ways to help you earn money from your creations, including ad revenue sharing, licensing, fan rewards, and daily prizes.
  • Open API. Developers can add video uploading to their own apps using our RESTful API, without requiring users to login.
  • Creators first. We do everything we can to promote creative content and the people that work hard to make it.

Who are you?

We’re a team of seven humans and three dogs in East LA who love videos and the people that make them. Join our community on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

How can I contact you?

Have a question, suggestion, or just want to say hello? Tweet to us, post on our subreddit, or send an email. We'd love to hear from you :)

How do I upload videos?

You can upload videos with our iPhone app, Android app, or right here on the Vidme website. There also other apps and tools built on Vidme to check out.

I already have a following on another video platform, why should I start a channel on Vidme?

  • On Vidme you can promote your existing channels and get new subscribers. Your videos can live here and elsewhere at the same time.
  • Videos here often get discovered by redditors and embedded by major media sites. We’re building partnerships with big publishers to help your videos get more reach and earn more money.
  • Our player is customizable (lots of features in the pipeline that give you more control).
  • All new videos submitted with a #hashtag can be seen and upvoted by the community.
  • Other video platforms favor legacy creators. Vidme gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and be an early contributor to a fast-growing community with over 35 million unique monthly visitors.

How do I edit or delete my videos?

Start by creating an account before you upload videos. Accounts are optional, but having one means you’ll have easy access to manage your videos anytime. If you upload a video without creating an account, you’ll be shown a “delete link” at the bottom of your video. Save this link if you think you’ll want to delete your video later. Note: If your browser doesn't accept cookies (or you have an extension like AdBlock that blocks cookies), your deletion link may not appear.

Are there any upload limits?

  • Without an account, you can upload 256MB videos up to 30 minutes long.
  • With an account, you can upload 1GB videos up to 30 minutes long. Your videos can play back in HD unless they're NSFW.
  • If you're uploading original content, you can apply to have your channel verified. Verified channels can upload 20GB videos with no length limit. Contact us if you'd like to apply for this program.

What types of video files do you accept?

Basically any playable video file should work. If you're trying to upload a video and it's not working, please let us know.

What's the ideal size for my channel cover photo?

1200x800 should work well, but note that the cover photo takes up the full page width, so some of it may be clipped depending on the size of your browser window. If you want to make it a centered logo, you may want to upload a cover photo that's designed with some extra space around the edges.