FEMA & World Government Think Tanks Ready for Global Food Shortages: Timeline and Which Countries

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply I just thought of a great idea, feed the animals bugs and we don't have to worry about growing gains as much, chickens eat bugs and most animals do, animal bug feed now that is a great idea,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply if they is a major Polar Shift there was some thing like 20,000 to 200,000 people left, now with nuclear fallout we would be lucky if any survive,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply if the Polar Shift will not be as bad then they better start building green houses and safe shallow underground bunker green houses all over the center of North America, you can build thousands of green houses to meet world dam and make billions, after all without food your populations starve and become poor, food is what makes major wealth,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply odd I don't think they are ready because they don't store rice in jars, rice can last up to 30 years in jars, we can feed rice to animals that we can eat, and if they stored seeds and have quick ready green houses they can build then they would be better prepared, also China has some automatic small green houses and they work in any location on the planet, so to be prepared you need real planning, plan to grow using green houses, this man has a very good system but you could use solar power and solar heat to heat up the green houses in the winter time, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR08_pPZRbI and his green houses produce fish as well, his green houses produce How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres, so any government would take notice to follow this type of set up, after all if the Polar Shift will be as bad as it was in the past there underground bunkers will collapse do to the land pressure raising and falling, as well as coastal and low laying area's flood...moreing, so dams would fail and so on, Humans are valuable and without a vast pool of DNA human kind might end up with more retardation, plus other factors like total nuclear melt down, so with 90% living on the coastal area's as well as low laying area's that leaves a small percent of people that will survive in pockets all over the world, so with massive nuclear fallout our planet is screwed, and with poor planning even worse
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