Trump Shies Away From Striking Down Obama Era Iran Deal: Why It Doesn't Matter

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  • towbar1965 reply I'm with you
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply I want my wall, tax cuts, and self defense enforcements. I'm sick of all the goddam attention, resource and money payed out to manage these camel jockeys, dune coons and other mohammadans.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Venezuela deserves our money!?!?!? I almost unliked this [not that you care lmao] because of that comment. I don't work my ass off all day for some commie faggots over in vz. Fuck them. Those commies need to starve that'll learn em. Natural selection bruh. ~a us taxpayer
  • [ – ] theyellowtub reply I don't worry right now, but Iran has had an Islamic revolution, it might happen again. I don't trust Muslims when it comes to nukes.
  • CreedFilms reply So if Islam has a nuke nothing will happen? Redeeming qualities they have? The most moderate of Islam is if you leave the religion its death. Kim is much more tame than any muslim so that's saying something. You can cite 9 passages alone where they want death for everyone. Sorry completely disagree with you but you are a libertarian so I knew you would over look this ;) still love ya.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I love caffeinated styx [no homo and sorry for spamming]
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