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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply As a very recent societal shift from having knowledge in books to having it in your pocket memorization becomes less important. It's more impressive to be able to tell facts off the top of your head but that's becoming less necessary. What's becoming more important now is to be able to separate facts from fictions and that just comes with experience of thinking critically. That isn't a generational thing though. One generation isn't better at sifting through the BS than another even if the older generation has more life knowledge. I do feel more confident in my knowledge as I get older. I just hope that's not a false bravado I've made up in my head though. Thought provoking video. Thanks. :D
    • NaG_District parent reply Yes!! This very much. Technology changes which introduces new decisions and choices. Older generations made decisions that younger generations don't have to and the younger ones have to deal with choices the older ones couldn't.
  • ReaperLegion999 reply My mom gave me the same advice. She definitely pushed my siblings and I to find out anything we don't know. And you are also completely correct in saying that the newer generation is always a byproduct of the previous generation. Why? Because they set the precedent and put the wheels in motion. Set the stage for everything that the newer generation is doing.
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