Brewing American Amber by MoreBeer - The Brew Monks

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  • [ – ] Jergen_Flarg reply Thank God I didn't have to watch you "smack the butt cheeks"! I got a bit worried there! Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Willamette was an American hop? Great vid!
    • TheBrewMonks parent reply Yeah ole Trub is pretty happy too! Oh Willamette, yes you are completely correct they are american in origin (Oregon I think), I said European Hop.. when what was SUPPOSED to be said is that the hops are used widely in European style ale, and since the recipe was European, and since it uses hops that are used widely in British ales, is it really an american style ale? Wow that was a mouthful! lol I will add a correction to the description. Forgive me for the blunder, for I am but an old feeble man.. with beer in is veins.. and a foot in my mouth.. CHEERS!
  • [ – ] AbnormalTruth reply I'll drink to that!
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