Alucard beasting Scylla (No Damage) - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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  • [ – ] OnlyUltimate reply Nice video!
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply Howin the ever loving hell????
    • [ – ] ShinkuNoYami parent reply I used to do a lot with this game, including speed runs, and I'd watch speed runs too. This is one tech used a lot for getting around fast, but it also kills things quickly too, and it's designed into the game xP
      • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames parent reply that's awesome. i've never managed to finish the game.
        • [ – ] ShinkuNoYami parent reply It's pretty fun. There's a secret ending too involving an entire other castle. I don't main speedrunning. I had a file where I got a Muramasa, which you can level up, and my Atk was over 700. You can cap it at 999. I also was farming 99 of every drop from every enemy and had a ton of map coverage beyond what you're supposed to, by using a lot of glitches. My goal was to get my Def to 100 to reach "God Mode", and needed lots of map coverage to do that because the Walk Armor gains Def as you get more map %. But ultimately this series ends because my XBox 360 had a harddrive problem, so I can't play that file anymore.
          • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames parent reply ya. i got stuck on the upside down castle. it was pretty dang hard and i guess i was underlevled or just suck LOL i got it on my 360 also. sux that yours died. you can always start over :)
            • ShinkuNoYami parent reply It might just come from playing it so much lol. I consider the game ridiculously easy but that's also because you get so many ways to break the game. The upside down Library has floating head enemies called Schmoo which drop the most OP weapon in the game. More OP than the Muramasa even at max power. Plus there's setups you can use that make you basically invincible. When you get to the Guardians in the Black Marble Gallery, you can grind your levels up really fast, though eventually you will gain 1 exp from everything. Only once did I ever hit Lv99. I was Lv90 in that other file, but it was hundreds of hours of work. I don't think I have it in me again lol. Shame, because this is my favorite game too. I just can't play it anymore after what I lost.
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