Loose Bolts & Pool Noodles - DIY DRONE RACING!!

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  • [ – ] TrashTalk_Gaming reply oh hell yes its drone flying season again! time to hit the park!
    • [ – ] drawesome33 parent reply YEAAAH baby!!! Rockin!! Where do you fly? I'm in California!
      • [ – ] TrashTalk_Gaming parent reply Ah a cali man! Well im about as far east as you can get all the way over here in connecticut. But atleast there are lots of parks to fly in. keep postin vids man you got some moves on those sticks
        • [ – ] drawesome33 parent reply Hahaha Rockin thanks bro!! I plan on an east coast tour sometime in 2017, we'll have to get out and rip when I come through CT!!! You got any flight vids??
          • TrashTalk_Gaming parent reply No flying vids just yet. Replaced my kk2 board with a naze32 acro and the tune i had used was full on trash. No where near as snappy. Sluggish in turns and rolls, wobbles like woah when you go lower than halfish throttle. The go pro goes on after some serious flight time and proper tuning.
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