Asteroid Deflection Technique Planned

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  • [ – ] Jayling7 reply Thanks, J. This got me thinking about that Russian satellite that's set to launch soon, the one that apparently has the ability to deorbit things. it's got me wondering if the deorbit satellite stuff is just a ruse to explain to the asleep populace and they have other purposes for this launch, like testing their own deflection techniques. I don't know, just got me thinking...
    • j7409skynews parent reply Hey that is some very good points. Its just something else to screww up also what we know and see in the sky. Just like NASA useing lasers they that say they are useing to make artificaial stars show up. What are they trying to HIDE? Take Care Love Ya J
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins reply Ok they are testing new methods on deflecting asteroids ,We all know our govt dont do nothing unless forsure they know something is iminent !
    • [ – ] j7409skynews parent reply tep...just like i been saying.....Something is headed this way i believe. Happy 4th my dear friend. Hope its good for you. Stay safe ... Peace and Love..J
      • [ – ] jerzeydolphins parent reply Enjoy Your 4TH Of July also J, If you get a extra minute i left ya comment on your utube AM Video ,Very Interesting indeed i think you will agree
        • j7409skynews parent reply Hi jerzeydolphins i watched Becky's video last night. Its the best footage i have seen yet. And yes I think its Nibiru. I also think that the light spots i caught months ago on the water when it was dark outside was it also. And that depening where you are located and the time is what you see. Really bright white clouds before sunrise in the same direction that put a shine on the water like its the sun is also it i think. Keep looking you will see something. Everyone that thought i was crazy will one day in the furture see these things for themselves i believe. Much love and peace my friend. J
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