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  • lukkagray reply ..a good move. YouTube is starting to bann everything whats not political correct. But the voice of independent thinking will of luck for U
  • Elusive reply STOP USING YOUTUBE
  • [ – ] Kaleo_Smith reply STOP WATCHING PORN
    • Kaleo_Smith parent reply And stop race mixing. I am Hawaiian, but can you tell? Nope... because I am also 3/4 Danish. We are so mixed we don't exist anymore. Heed my warning fellow white people. What happened to Hawaii will happen to you to if you don't stop this marxist open border cancer.
  • maxlac reply use vidme more often
  • Doodsrsly reply I love this channel.
  • VIAPECVS reply The perspective of these followers of desert beliefs lacks any understanding of the nature of symbolical and mythical thought and language. They interpret everything in a bizarre factual-historical way. They believe their tyrannical god IN FACT made the world in six days and woman was IN FACT created from the ribs of man or whatever. So, in their absurd minds, you should believe that Thor goes around hammering the sky during thunderstorms to be a “Pagan”. What they fail to see is that European religion is a system of THINKING that expresses itself through symbols and myths, and not a system of dogmatic, blind belief that expresses itself through commandments and a complete lack of abstraction, as their religion does.
  • Horsemumbler reply Orgonized religion is a degenerate corruption of our ancient traditions. Relogion is personal. The gods are not sky daddys for you to grovel to, flatter, beg for blessing and forgiveness. That is the province of false priests. The gods are symbols, examples, archatypes and ideals to inform our lives, and provide us a map to truths not yet fully understood.
  • SaintJust1789 reply The purpose of life is to give meaning to meaningness things. Like life itself
  • Azaghal reply Varg, you said that you are not listening to Metal very often and already years ago. But may I ask you, what Music you are listening to now?
  • amboularozzo reply this layout will take getting use to
  • HailaR_WodanaR reply Smart move Varg!
  • leVeritas reply yay fuck juicetube
  • ScavII reply Deus? I'm sure you meant "Zeus ex machina"
  • revOG reply I love your videos! Especially this one.
  • Will___ reply Anyone know what the song in this video is?
  • Domizo_Dando reply Where is this guy from?
  • gamma265 reply On youtube the page of this video corrupted for me Specifically the icon images. This never happened to me before. Was pretty spooky and yet fitting. Also the notification bell on Marie Cachet channel isn't working. Only there, for whatever reason. I think you guys found the perfect time to leave yt.
  • tit4tat reply ThuleanPerspective on the vidme search won't locate your channel. Ugh!
  • Valkyrian reply Glory to the Deathless Gods!
  • Valkyrian reply Cool! Your first upload here!
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