Why "Hate"on ppl that left G.I πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ| "Real Time" w/Ms.K #219,Gary,Ind

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  • [ – ] GAMINGLOVER33 reply Ms k i want to ask u something do u want to go back to youtube
    • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @GAMINGLOVER33 tbh no I don't I like it a lot BETTER over here,I;ve gained all the support back that i had over there on here plus some...
      • [ – ] GAMINGLOVER33 parent reply I agree with u i might retire from youtube for vidme to much copyright crap over there
        • Ms_K parent reply @GAMINGLOVER33 I can't stand YT,would never go back to that sh*t...I only watch vids from YT VIA twitter....
  • [ – ] ChariotMan reply I hear you on this Ms K. I'm trying to better myself as well. Trying to make it out of my hood. And it's like some of my family make me fell like I'm doing something wrong or if I'm not around I think I'm better than them. No, I'm just trying to stay focused and handing my business.
  • [ – ] 40pac reply Love this video good to see u again
  • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming reply People are always going to hate when you try and do better for yourself. Just stay positive and let the negativity in one hear and out the other.
  • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming reply Love some CJSoCool, people always going to hate. Sounds to me it jealousy. Just cause you left and want to do better doesn’t mean you forget where you from. I don’t see what’s wrong with trying to make a better life for your family.
    • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply exactly but folks make it like u wrong for wanting to "better yourself"...
      • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming parent reply I wanna leave Kentucky and everyone thinks I’m stupid. I told them I can’t even get a job here where I live, cause BS and I’m stupid for living to make my life better.
  • [ – ] Jay3680 reply awesome vid. thanks for sharing.
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Beautiful, well said . You definitely have to stay positive when everyone else is negative and treating some one in a manner to make them negative . I have always taken a negative and turned it positive ..if that makes any sense ..but yeah positivity is contagious
    • Ms_K parent reply yes sir I get what u are saying, always turn a negative into a positive...
  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Well I can tell my experience. I left my country and I moved here to US to try to make life better. So yes, it is important to follow dreams and try everything to not have any regrets in the future :)
  • [ – ] iAmEnglishTV reply That VW is sick!!!! Good video K!
  • [ – ] SinisterTarheel reply Glad you handle your business
  • [ – ] msgamer reply thank you for sharing sis
  • [ – ] drewellstv reply Yeah it is a lot of BS back home to get into lol. I salute anyone that out here grinding. Positivity can go a long way.
    • Ms_K parent reply @drewellstv Yes indeed,I almost got caught up, but my mom had her foot on my neck,lolz...I had to "change",so US Army it was....
  • [ – ] Remoteplaymob reply People who leave the hood is number 1 on the hate list unfortunately. It sucks.
    • Ms_K parent reply @Remoteplaymob yeah thats wack toothy i'm happy for the next person but not everyone is like that...so sad tbh...
  • [ – ] drewellstv reply Gibbs said it best the city has a crab πŸ¦€ in the bucket mentality. People don't want to see other people win.
    • Ms_K parent reply @drewellstv he's right, the older generation isn't quite that bad cause I have lots of friends still there and they are hell cool.TBH i'm happy for anyone that got out and I luv and respect the ppl that are still there.I just had to leave or I would have gotten into some BS,lolz...
  • Dweeziy reply Seeing this makes me wish I still had my Xbox one but hey it is what it is good video though
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