Depressed Men Need Feminism Apparently

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Dr. Wafa Sultan's 1st public-address in 5-years "All Islam is Radical" - A.F.A.- L.A. watch?v=0HMoVoDro_0
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Brave women speak out at MP Iqra Khalid's speech watch?v=LHQaL6kRDtc
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Will the feminist blame Islam when there in the slave market. Or when Sharia Law says that wife beating is acceptable. Will they complain about the clothing style of the Day Black tents. They better not hold their events too far from the house as they won't be allowed to drive. Women that voted for Trudeau who voted for Bill M-103 to Stop free speech, which is the first step towards making women slaves. Because they will loose the right to complain about Sharia law which promotes stoning women. If you don't want to accept Sharia law then your ISLAMOPHOBIC. If you like free speech and you want to voice against any religious belief you can but don't be ISALMOPHOBIC. Remember Charlie Hebdo. ISLAMOPHOBIC is to stop your right to critic ISLAM that is Sharia Laws where they make it illegal to say you don't agree with the IMAN or the teachings of ISLAM. This is what Trudeau actually pushed to impose on all Feminist. Stand up now before you can't Sharia Law honor killings and FGM are all part...more of SHARIA LAW.
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