UnSpun 040 – “Teonanacatl: The Sacred Mushroom… Of Sacrifice and Suicide”

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  • CommieCrusher reply I've shared this with people, and they actually watched it! I love anything with ancient texts, so more shows like this would be much obliged. Just about every book that I've read that predated WW1 showed me huge modern lies every few pages. I love how paradigm-shifting old books are because a single sentence can completely disprove a modern lie, instantaneously. Pereira's Materia Medica and book on pharmacy was a particularly revealing one. I believe the version I read was from 1872. In all the old medical books I've read, I've never seen leeches prescribed, and only saw it mentioned once as something the author had heard French doctors use for hepatitis. Based on the literature I've read, blood-letting and leeches were not used by any serious medical practitioner.
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