LIVE: πŸ”΄ Massachusetts #2ARally 2017 Update πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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  • [ – ] DV_AR reply How do I find out who are the anti gun politicians for Utah?
    • [ – ] Tim18wheels parent reply Look here for Utah. Look at politician's voting record. They can lie about what they lied about in the past, or say they changed their mind after receiving more information. The voting record tells the true story.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply But Massachusetts is the arm pit of America, sorry too far i cant go.
    • [ – ] Tim18wheels parent reply I beg to differ. New Jersey in the arm pit of America. But I feel your liberal hell hole pains.
      • wolfalexzemla parent reply I did not think anyone from New jersey could use a computer so I borrowed your state logo. I don't live in either state so I wish you all the best if you are in the "garden state" lol. And btw, next time I go to NYNY I wont rent a hotel in Elizabeth NJ because the rooms smell like they put the bodies under the bed. Everyone knows you use the wood chipper for that.
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