Buy a PS3 before it's TOO LATE! | A PlayStation 3 Retrospective

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  • AcetheDolphinGuy reply I got a ps3 Christmas 2014 after the ps4 came out (I'm always late to these kind of things) nowadays we mainly use it for DVD's, BluRay, Netflix, Hulu, and some light weight gaming like Minecraft and lego games
  • MrMemeKing reply Actually got into the ps3 gen really really really late as in...Like two years ago I got my first ps3. Its honestly a great console with a shit ton of games, Ill probably end up buying a another just for my living room to play some HAWT Blu-ray dvd #Kreygasm
  • BigCalsWorld reply Great vid! I didn't get a PS3 until around 2010, but I've loved it since then. Still slowly building up my collection, as games can be gotten quite cheap still pre-owned. Tons of great exclusives, multi-platform games for the most part are better on PS3 (imo), and as you mentioned in the video, those HD Collections are fantastic. Plus the games are region free (just the games, not the actual system which I was disappointed to discover lol)! I was able to get that God of War collection from the US for dirt cheap as we didn't get the same thing over here in the UK (don't think our version had the PSP ports). My only gripe right now is also something you mentioned; the price of the controllers. Mine broke a few months ago, and while I did find a cheap one online eventually, I can't imagine it'll be as easy to get another at that price in the future.
  • [ – ] lordcooler reply yeah cause it would be hard to find one of them 88 million units for sale..........
    • [ – ] EposVox parent reply I didn't say it'd be hard to find. It will be much more expensive.
      • [ – ] lordcooler parent reply No it won't be. There is 88 million of them. Why don't you do a video of them upcoming limited edition gold and silver ps4 coming out on June 9
        • EposVox parent reply Because overpriced color variants of a current gen console are nothing to be interested in. Especially not in the year of DBrand and Skins everywhere.
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply My PS3 Slim still has a place on desk & is my blu-ray, DVD & Netflix/Hulu player of choice. That box has been there, done that & is still doing it well.
  • GalvanizedDream reply CoughePSXein4KCough.
  • [ – ] iasi94 reply I plan on keeping my ps3 because of the Scott Pilgrim game, you can't buy it anymore and I really love that game
  • [ – ] spiderfan_MJ reply Good retrospective! :)
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