Trump/Kushner Sell 110 Billion in Weapons to Saudi Arabia

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  • I3UTM reply Well, you got to give Trump credit. He went from Big Hands to Big Arms. At least that is an "upgrade." o^o
  • Tatullus reply draining the swamp, he said. LOL
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The USA only have a population of 320 million and are involved in at least 7 wars in 7 countries. There is a potential that action might be needed towards North Korea. The USA can't police the world, so it has to seek allies. Saudi Arabia wants weapons and the USA isn't the only country that can supply them. Who else would supply them CHINA, RUSSIA, ENGLAND, CANADA, ISRAEL, GERMANY, FRANCE, INDIA, PAKISTAN. Saudi Arabia will get the weapons that they want as they are and will continue to be fighting SHIA ISLAM no matter what anyone thinks or wishes to happen. Trump didn't create ISLAM or their doctrine of conquest. The USA had to fight ISLAM in the Barbary War, and WW2 so there is the proof that this isn't recent hate for the west but part of a culture of conquest that is taught in the Quran. With the increasing technology and destructive capability of NUCLEAR weapons, there in NO such idea that any country is isolated form this reality. It better that Trump tries to take some initiati...moreve, rather than let things to continue to spiral out of control. Energy demand are NOT going to be replaced by Solar or Wind. That is the lie of the Globalist, Cap & Trade, CARBON TAX SCHEME promoting this fake Green energy replacement Technology. The demand for oil is still rising, and more people want to make money so their developing their oil for sale and their own needs.
  • valereth reply I understand why we want to be on good terms from SAudi Arabia from an economic standpoint but I still do not like this because Saudi Arabia sucks
  • lambdog76 reply How about he not take the fucking gilded award from a foreign nation?
  • [ – ] void1029 reply Kushner is such a piece of shit zionist mossad agent
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