Drawing Your Original Characters: Voodoo Witch Ep. 1

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  • sarah reply waaahhh.. so good! can you draw a girl with a bunny hood and bear claws? sorta like red riding hood but with bunny ears and big wolfy/bear claws (idk i just tried to think of something on the spot)
  • [ – ] smolbeans reply i dont have any oc's but how about a small old lady dressed in a cat suit petting her 10 cats
  • conner reply Really amazing work!
  • WebNoob reply Draw a tall man dressed in a nice black suit without a tie wearing an Oni mask, a fedora and he has a creepy claw hand.
  • neckwings reply how about wyvern (dragon) with wings, that are similar to a bat's on it's neck.
  • Fractoid_Films reply Nicely done mate! Reminds me of something straight out of a Rick Remender comic.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Awww....no suggestions accepted from VidMe? Laaaaaame. However, you have a real talent for drawing. SO COOL!!!
  • thedragonchild reply This is awesome but YouTube? Don't you mean Vidme comments? I suggest my space dragon OC. He has a human body and face but with a dragon tail, arms, legs and wings. He wields an assault rifle and wears a Carabinieri uniform (or a standard military uniform).
  • Arcade-Salad reply this is really cool love the idea
  • Seawolf25 reply hmm, a square shape werewolf hybrid with small eyes and a spiked red scarf. oh youtube? :c damn!
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