Occult Literature 109: Counterblast to Tobacco (King James I)

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  • IgnisCobra reply Great video keep it up
  • Richardfielder reply So 666 is the number of a man ? So what's the difference between man amen the man amen not amen amen stupid stupid Google right Google doesn't even listen right now I have to rest anyway so you can see what I'm dealing with here ok a man ...
  • RichardWendling reply https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYOdh1u2HUg Curious Life has some things to say on that and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpsNURcY-Nc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg7HnZAQkNg Thanks
  • Cynical-Bastard reply Drugs are bad, but i'm going to buy this tract. Protomedicinal Literature & Lore, is very interesting- grey literature that is.
  • Richardfielder reply Two tobacco contaminated and non. But ourselves we take no . American Spirit
  • Richardfielder reply Jobs and money no difference in Christian the occult the Satanist and atheists they all worship their job their money and then greedy people into the Lake of Fire and it's overcome comeover
  • Richardfielder reply Man is fleash whole malefemale of the Man six then femalemale the Woman anyway why am I even asking you bro let me you're no different than the Christian anyway he's a Satanist himself so this the same the lake of fire
  • Richardfielder reply And 23 for the children f*** how to get it
  • Richardfielder reply All due respect dude if you can answer my questions the difference between a man love man the man man and how 666 is the number of man woman or a man or is he 23 340 340 23 chromosomes from the male 23 from the female
  • Richardfielder reply I bet anything if I come back tomorrow and read this is not going to be funny like this like it is at this moment I'm f****** laughing hard dude and then I'm going to go see was a book and wrote
  • Richardfielder reply Who f*** I could have this much fun in a stoner f****** paged do they have like a stone research maybe if I searching for Stoner maybe go give blood do you f****** Blacklist me right away to her what the f***
  • Richardfielder reply I better stop because you might see something like book it okay good day okay Google is when you look at a piece of s*** here I could have it so you can smoke
  • Richardfielder reply Hey there's more than one way to become like light show kit all Google is the one that's f****** censoring me not f****** YouTube I can type that she needed YouTube*** I guess I'm just getting at the f****** type dish it oh well time to stop being lazy huh I guess you know all about that s***
  • [ – ] Richardfielder reply But this is funny though
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