SpaceX Falcon Heavy clone from Aloha(2015)

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  • Casinoer reply Comment stolen from reddit: • Go/no-go poll somewhat lacking. Launch Director fails to poll anyone? All they care about is weather? • Mission control can hear (and be distracted) non-critical staff? • Vehicle looks like the FH, but clearly shows Saturn V engines at lift-off? • Are they perfecting the launch software mid-flight? Why not just wait ten minutes? GTO windows are loong. • People can just walk into mission control during the launch? • No relief after Max Q? • Booster sep before supersonic? • No stage sep? • Fairing sep immediately before SECO? • At SECO, boosters and fairing still v nearby? • They're in a transsonic orbit?? • Also, this is a GTO mission - flight is not over yet guys!
  • nicktimko reply Going transonic (being around Mach 1) occurs waaaaaaaaay before being in orbit (more like Mach 25).
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