Sly Cooper And The Thievius Racoonus Episode 1- Gotta Get My File Back

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  • GreenCobrasGaming reply Love the Sly series so much. I did a LP of Sly 1-3 on my YouTube channel as well. Plan on re-doing my Sly 1 LP sometime in the future which will be on YouTube and I already re-did my Sly 2 LP before I founded Vid.,me. I did re-do my Sly 1 LP when I first got a capture card over 2 years now but decided to delete the LP do to horrible commentary audio. I still do have my original Sly 1 LP on YouTube but that was recorded with a camera and not a capture card. Also with Sly 3 I am not planning on re-doing the LP because Sly 3 was a recent LP of mine which dose not need a re-play. I am planning to do Sly 4 once I finish up re lets playing Sly 1. I do really like Sly 1 so much but I do enjoy Sly 2 about the same but in a different way. I enjoy Sly 3 a little less but it is still a really enjoyable game to play. Sly 4 is my least favorite but still a good game like Sly 3.
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