Trump is NOT an Illuminati Puppet Part 1

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  • Unchained reply I said in the video we could be getting played. Time will tell. If Hitlery got elected we would be at war with Russia already.
  • NoMoreInGreedWeTrust reply I am so wary about Trump. I've watched in two different videos that showed him saying he's supporting Israel, 100% and 1000%... have you looked into why Israel is an ally of the U.S.? Have you learned about the truth about the Israel-Palestinian conflict? (In case you haven't known of the Lamestream lying about that, I have seen a good documentary about that.) It's good for you to see hope in this man, but... there's just something I sense that's not right about him. Another thing we must keep in is mind that Trump is very experienced in show biz. He's had his own TV show, and he's had a lot of cameos in a combination of TV commercials, movies, and TV shows... I'm not trying to crush your hopes. I'm just saying I've started to look into him. Who he associates himself with... and have you seen what the inside of where he lives inside Trump Tower, New York? Article about Trump saying he loves Israel: (I've fou...morend a few articles on that website. I learned about the origin of the negative connotation of the term "conspiracy theory" through it...) This next thing I want to share with you is this photo his daughter Ivanka Trump with Nat Rothschild: I'm not telling you to not trust Trump. I'm only advising you to watch him like a hawk. That's all.
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