YouTube Tells Angry MGTOW To Stop Causing Disturbances

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  • JackMehoffxD reply Fuck YouTube!
  • UnitedCom reply I'm lead to believe that all this has to do with Youtube TV. Note how they advertise "Unlimited DVR space". Looking at that and how Susan Wojciciki has been pushing it as of late (Basically, she's saying that "There's great demand for this service!", when there clearly isn't), and what's happening to Youtube (for anti-SJWs and gamers, it's a sort of graveyard at this point), it tells me that it's not incompetence, but calculated destruction of the platform. TL;DR Google's trying to transform Youtube into a Pay-TV service, and use the space once used by original videos for DVR space, instead.
  • AItiger reply Gotch you on that, we have a light bravo on net over! 😉😆 i cant miss my daily dose of red pill! Follow you to 🍻
  • AItiger reply We should collectively as a force warn all mgtows to boycott or even create account or subscribe to other platforms, instead of youtube. Lets bring down quartly youtube profits!
  • AItiger reply What can you expect when cunty whiches an mangina/whitenight are in charge of youtube. But more whorish double standard in light or fear of comming from the truth exposed
  • poopmaster222 reply wat is a micktown????
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