How Hard IS It to Get Verified???

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply It has nothing to do with your view count or anything. You only need one video. They also to make sure that you are who you say you are. Because they have the feature that allows you to paste a link to upload from youtube directly people can cheat the system and make money off of someone else's name. The biggest thing they are looking for is activity. They want to see if you are supporting your fellow creators. Other than that just keep trying. I know a guy that tried 6 times and finally got verified last week. Also, they've had a huge influx of creators coming over from youtube so they are manually dealing with so many. Don't give up, though. It is worth it and I'm sure you'll get verified. Plus you seem like a nice person and I'd like to see you around more. I hope this helps.
    • [ – ] Paul_W parent reply Oh this does really help! I haven't tried yet. I feel like I am still learning the ropes lol. I have linked my YT channel, so maybe with over 800 vids over there, they will believe its really me LOL. Not too many of us old dudes around on YT lol. I followed you on Twitter and really appreciate the support :)
  • [ – ] TaroKun reply I don't know, but it went pretty smooth for me. I sent a pretty polite/professional message along with my application. Other than that, I have know idea.
  • [ – ] Mrtez300 reply for me it was easy, i did the same as @Omidas but i did apply to get verified and you have to meet some requirements, and that's it.
  • Mikeopina reply I got denied they told me that there was not enough evidence it was me
  • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming reply I also feel like if ya have a YouTube with a big sub base as well and ya link it to your application it's almost like ya get it instantly.
  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply It took me two weeks, I just concentrated on working on original content for
  • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming reply I've tried to get verified, been denied twice now but I literly was on a verified user and he literly is sitting there with a camcorder recording his TV and he even goes hey youtube and the kids like 7. All his videos are direct copies from youtube. Lol but I can't get verified. My buddy got verified right away and he uploaded one video.
    • [ – ] Paul_W parent reply So they never give you any feedback as to what the issue is?
      • ShakotsuGaming parent reply Bassicly it says you need to upload a avatar, a channel page, your own content, and meet the vidme terms of service requirements.. also be a positive part of the community which im pretty much all over users comments having fun ivedone all that hell I got over 300 views on one video.
  • [ – ] Omidas reply It was pretty easy in my experience. Upload your own content, send them some emails with suggestions for the site or reporting bugs and such. I got it in about a week with 5 videos up at the time.
  • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming reply Nice looks like ya get verified Paul. I replied again today lol hoping 4th times a charm!
  • JustinOtstott reply Hey Paul, great video. I applied last Sunday and no word back yet. If I get denied I won't be returning here as I need 45 minutes to a hour for all my videos. I do podcasts and use video. This verify thing is bizarre. Just found out they also limit how many videos you can upload too.
  • AmandaFood reply Good luck :)
  • Excell reply Thanks for making this video.
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