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  • [ – ] Factosaur reply It's so weird to see someone like Jaiden having so little views.
    • Mrbmc parent reply Not really, I remember I discovered her, and a couple months later she uploaded her first story animation, the only way people knew her was from IHasCupQuake animations
  • WolfyAU82 reply Halloween has no meaning to me, since I don't have that need to hide from witches and druids by masquerading as one to avoid becoming a wicker man sacrifice. Never really done the whole Trick or Treat thing, even as a kid. As for parties... Someone either needs to get some action going to break the ice (a game or something) or drag me around by the collar making formal introductions in the hopes of seeing me "mingle" because I will likely be gravitating toward the quietest place in the given venue. NYE, I go for the Celts' idea of good time - Big night in with good company. More comfortable at gaming party (whether tabletop and/or digital entertainment).
  • MarlonManalese reply Welp I can't dislike this video since Vidme doesn't have that option ;) Jk I'm neutral about it too.
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