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  • sarah reply Hah! Seriously that whole competition to see who cares less when texting (when you both care oh-so-much) is seriously the worst. People have too much pride these days and can't afford to look "uncool"
  • Wyrmis reply what is your hair
  • BlackbirdFrost reply Not remaining friends when someone doesn't have mutual feelings...well, if your feelings for that person are strong enough, and genuine (and you're not just trying to get into their pants) then those feelings will NOT go away. Being around them can make you feel like crap, and sometimes putting distance between the two of you is for your own good. It's a fine line, really.
  • [ – ] FlameCloaks reply Cartoonist Women are sexy as hell. As heeeeelllllllll. ^_^.
    • [ – ] uSerp parent reply As...heel?
      • FlameCloaks parent reply As Hell. When you skew the spelling of any word in that manner, it implies emotional emphasis. Consider your choices in that for a moment. ALL CAPS is screaming, and there are no available options for Typography or Fonts. We don't even get a Bold option.
  • MarlonManalese reply The reason why some people end a friendship when their romantic feelings aren't reciprocated is because it hurts. It hurts knowing you can be so much more and they don't want that with you. It hurts to see them Jennifer garner that interest for someone else. It's not shitty or honourable, but understandable.
  • KillingHandGaming reply I have a girlfriend.... Me 2..... Brilliant line. Might have to steal it
  • [ – ] sparpless reply "he's gay" it gets you out of anything.
  • PoshOctavia reply ok, that last thing was great.
  • AnimeIro reply 😂😂😂
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