Burning Books vs Setting Fire to Books

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  • subtac reply Lol! Sarcasm much? I feel your frustration
  • MaxIzrin reply Obviously, it's so clear, how can anyone not understand this, it was 100% sociologically proven years ago.
  • TiberiusDuraga reply Dave's about to crack, RUN!!!
  • NarniaTheMaineCoon reply We are not censoring them, we are just putting them away so no0body can find them.
  • JadeJicama reply Immediate response was 'What?' followed by, "Oh, so, Google's trying to hide webpages that hold 'fake news'?"
  • deejf reply It's very simple. When I do it, it's awesome and perfect. When you do it, you're a Nazi. Clear enough?
  • Chemistry_Fetish reply Hopefully this kills Google in the long run. I could respect them for a lot of their choices but this looks to be textbook case of scumbaggery.
  • [ – ] JustLife reply Lol awesome video dude
    • [ – ] PriapisticMonk parent reply They (Google) are actually making the argument for their own demise. I say, let them eat themselves... because they eventually will. If your opponents are going to drown it's only fitting to stick a hose in their mouth.
  • yuiopads reply I don't let users on minecraft servers have books
  • SamEarl13 reply I don't think anything they do will ever make the truth hard to no matter much they try to hide 'fake news', also do they seriously go on news programs and do nothing but complain instead of actually discussing something... -_-
  • [ – ] ArbiterAbaddon reply Duckduckgo.com will be the next big thing.
  • blazedu reply dude, when you kill a cis white man, it's not homicide, it's simply giving the minorities more opportunities for all the resources that oppressor would have consumed. It's not a crime, it's smashing the patriarchy. How many times do i have to tell you this. BAMN is being so brave right now and those horrible literal hitlers are gonna get what's coming for them. shya, like, omg, i love BAMN and the mayor of bekeley.
  • SpeedyGaming reply People in the world aren't awoke yet to put a stop to this type of threat Unfortunately. Communism is rising and it is threatening our very way of life in these democratically free countries we live in. People who are rich don't have our best interests.
  • jrswab reply This is why I use Duck Duck Go as my default search engine. XD
  • Malum reply Schmidt needs to learn that when you have a disagreement with reality, it isn't a disagreement. ... That's just you being wrong. Or in this case, a liar.
  • Facepalm_Migraine reply So...you're not destroying it, you're just invalidating it's existence... You know, there was this guy that felt exactly that same way...what was his name.... ....Adolf something....
  • Vindicare reply Google altered the search algorithm negatively for Trump while hiding a lot of the massive criminality of Clinton. Google is not your friend. Google is not a business, it's a control mechanism.
  • DeckerShado reply "You gotta understand, we're not murdering people. We just select the folks who for one reason or another we don't like, and we kill them."
  • [ – ] capitanbastos reply I mean, if you burn the book, it´s too late to put it out and if you just lit it on fire, then you can put it out and you know, just put it in the garage or something maybe under that treadmill you bought because you wanted to get fit and live longer, it´s not like you gave up on working out, it´s just an indefinite break.
  • GoMGTOW reply Smart people will just start posting their stuff on another search engine.... Google doesn't own the internet. If the People can't find what they are looking for on Google, their are other resources like these; https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2343048/escape-google-with-these-12-search-engine-alternatives and https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2343048/escape-google-with-these-12-search-engine-alternatives If you can't find what your looking for on Google, it's not like We The People don't have alternatives. :)
  • ToughFly reply Sadly this won't affect most people. Most people will just use the installed defaults, the upside of that is internet explorer tends be the default browser not chrome. As for the tech literate, this will hurt Google.
  • blizergy reply You are pretty good at drawing your self to a cartoon bro.
  • herMila reply Ditch Google and use privacy search engine Startpage.com if you don't want Google to sell your personal information! ;) By the way, good to see you on Vid.me!
  • c_arnold03 reply There is just something absolutely hilarious about a surly Irishman trying to contend with obvious insanity that makes me laugh.
  • zippysaboteur reply and it'll be pure coincidence that the political opponents of google's "progressive" political views will be the ones getting censored. Power corrupts, and google has a loooot of power.
  • LadyFuzztail reply Wow, Eric Schmidt really is enjoying the feel of his rectum on his face.
  • Insidio reply Burning EverOne ⚡️ AI GO ROGUE
  • thisisntme reply Fahrenheit 451 comes to mind.
  • duckhk reply I haven't used Google for years. Start page or duckgogo. I use protonmail or tutanota for email.
  • DavidTheGamer reply Lol I learned something new
  • ITSnippets reply Dripping with sarcasm!
  • AdjacentColors reply THANK YOU for clearing this up, I was soooooo confused. Gawd!
  • GermanMadman reply Oh, now I get it?
  • Dunno7 reply so VIDME Do you hear it?! When will you catch at least the drift?? Exploit the opportunity ffs!
  • [ – ] Blue_Rayner reply Fahrenheit 451 comes to mind. duh! Thank you.
  • BlunderingFool reply And then Alta Vista made it's resurgence. =P
  • keithyoungblod reply I'm now (working on)jujmping ship from the censoring g**gle platform (I now consider their name an obscenity, I will not I capitalize it). Im' glad to be here and happy to be a subscriber. Thank you Dave! Cheers!
  • ThatMagnetMan reply Makes complete sense ;)
  • Pseudofire reply Nuance. People don't know the definition of words. Biggest problem of this century, that and manners.
  • Jaylight reply I think there is a small difference: Burning a book is very general, causing a book to burn in a fire in any manner. Setting fire to a book: putting the fire on to the book, as opposed to burning it some other way such as throwing the book into the fire. Both are burning a book, but only one is setting fire to a book. The effect is the same, and it is still censorship.
  • John-Goras reply We don't need to burn Eric Schmidt and his type. Just make him not so much there in the world. Like in a dark hole some where, with little to no communication with the outer world. Skippy Podesta though. Him, we should burn.
  • pokematic reply To your analogy, there is a difference between book burning and setting fire to a book. Book burning is an act of censorship because "you find the thoughts dangerous," whereas setting fire to a book is an act of protest because "you just hate it so much you want it to suffer like it made you suffer." After reading Catcher in the Rye, I felt so angry I wanted to light it on fire and dance on the ashes, because I felt it was super dull and a waste of time. It made me angry to be told every day "this emo kid ranting about how 'unfair' his well off life is, is the great American novel," hurt me, because I've read better live journal fan fictions, and we were missing out on true greats like Shakespear and Mark Twain. Plus, no one took MY rants about how it was a terrible book seriously, even though I made a far more cohesive narrative. NO, Iiiii was just some dumb teen that didn't know any better. It hurt me, and I wanted to hurt it back, with fire.
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