Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches An All-time Low

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  • [ – ] XeysyeX reply Problem with the upvoting, if I navigate out of the video page and back in again the upvote disappears. Also I uploaded a video on my vidme page but it doesn't work.
    • [ – ] XeysyeX parent reply It comes back if I refresh the page. Hope these bugs get ironed out eventually.
      • [ – ] ThePinkbarrio parent reply When I first uploaded to Vidme, there seemed to be a limit on the size of the video. It uploaded to almost the end, but never completed. Try a 1-2 minute test video to see if that works. If that doesn't work, it might be the format is not accepted by Vidme. What kind of camera are you using? I find that Canon usually works on all video platforms. It has the format that is very common. I look forward to your videos.
        • [ – ] XeysyeX parent reply Hi, I doubt I'll be uploading many videos here to be honest, I was only seeing if my recent music release would upload, it's the 'Trump goes marching in' video I have on youtube. Basically compiled video clips from other vids. Can't remember the format. Good idea, I'll try a short video as a test soon.
          • [ – ] XeysyeX parent reply Actually, could you have a look at the video and see if it plays, it's uploaded. Maybe it only doesn't work for me, worth checking that possibility.
  • [ – ] technatezin reply Nice to see you again on your new channel on vidme. Keep up the good work at informing the public about what's going on with the environment.
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