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  • iamli3 reply ok what the fuck why doesn't enter work for me in these comments anymore i make this 4 lines away from the previous text and it's going to appear at the end of it because word mapping doesn't exist on this site? what the fuck?....
  • iamli3 reply >and the best part is nobody ever makes a big deal about any of this so it's sjw free you mean :D ?... >you still can't reach the peak because you suck at rock climbing LOL , i climbed to the top of the tallest mountain in the game straight from getting off the great plateau , everyone who has any complaints about this game are just big babies.... and if you didn't have a stamina meter to put a restraint on your overworld travel you would have no intensive to seek out the various faster methods of travel so there.... and you mean horses handle like horses in this game , have you even ever ridden one before? and duh horses can't scale cliff sides , but you can still climb mountains with them just fine.... >over 90% of your first 25 hours were spent on foot yeah , like they should be , you do want to explore don't you? the horses will make traversing hyrule in the later parts of the game a breeze when you've explored what you wanted to and don't need to stop at every distraction...more anymore.... >you had to make compromises on where you can and cannot go see above you're just bad lol... EEEEEEEENOPE NO RNG IS THIS GAME EVERY DEATH IS YOUR FAULT , GET OVER IT , GIT GUD >stealth complaints all i hear are the whines of you not being good at the game.... >stealth kills don't always work THERE'S CLEARLY A PARGETTING RETICULE ABOVE THE LIZARD'S HEAD THAT YOU'RE NOT USING BUT YOU'RE EXPECTING THE GAME TO AUTO CORRECT FOR HOW BAD YOUR AIM IS ROFL WHAT HAS THIS REVIEW TURNED INTO.... LOL YOU'RE LITERALLY JUST COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING IN AN AREA THAT'S TO HARD FOR YOU AND THEREFOR GAME IS BAD AFTER YOU JUST PRAISED IT FOR BEING A GAME THAT LETS YOU GO TO HARD AREAS OF IT FUCKING WHAT AM I LISTENING TO ANYMORE.... i notice you never have any stamina boosts either , you know you can get a full bonus wheel of stamina for just 10 rupees at one of the stables? you know the place you thought was useless cause you didn't like the horses? lol get rekt so hard.... hey i saw the inventory upgrade deku guy twice before he went into the lost woods so idk what you're talking about here you only get to upgrade outside of that area twice.... >res4 had dynamic difficulty so why can't an open world game that's 500 times the size with 1000 times the mechanics too?? just fucking what kill me now , hard mode is coming you bitch calm your tits , OH NO WAIT YOU WANTED A EASY MODE I SEE LOL..... >shines are the weakest part of the game lol why? because they don't let you climb? fucking seriously? >you say fans want zelda to move away from dungeons >all the other reviews i've watched complained how there wasn't more dungeon in the game guess you're alone in that fandom then LOL....... >the 1 specific thing the developers wanted you to >neglects to mention how nearly every shrine has multiple ways of achieving that thing that you did mention you discovered through your own explorative play like idk how you managed to make 15 minutes of a video of you contradicting yourself and still thinking it was ready enough to upload..... if you could climb anything forever with no fear of falling to your death then you're not rock climbing you're just very slow vertical crawling , half of the fun of climbing a cliff side is scoping the landscape observing your surroundings and identifying points of potential rest to regain your stamina and climb to further heights , maybe that's why the first thing i went to do in the game was climb the tallest mountain twinpeaks with only 1 stamina upgrade , and solving the shines there wee a great reward for my endeavors , so you can go suck my horse cock i guess c: .....
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