The Story Of How We Got Finn

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I think you're doing a great job explaining and aren't all over the place. I love Finn herding the rabbits. I really enjoyed the series on the dogs. They're all cute and have interesting backstories.
    • therunningrebel parent reply Thank you! Haha I'm glad to know I'm not too confusing. I'm glad you've liked them! I've got more stories about them where those came from. I'll probably tell some more eventually! Thanks again!'
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Wow, wouldn't that be great if Finn actually became as famous as those from his line before him. That would be "rise to fame" book material, in fact I have enjoyed the stories on all 3 dogs so far that are unique in themselves. When you lay the background (or build up, not sure of right term) for each dog, you enrich the experience for us viewers. I felt sorry for Lily when Odin pinched his treat, how Deans mum didn't want you take Dean home, how Finns owner cared much for the puppies even after the sale, and so much more. Now I don't have a favorite, each one is special, maybe they are all my favorites. You're not awkward or random. I came to your channel to get much needed running advice, and found an awesome diverse vlogger who is also passionate about her dogs/pets. You may not think so, but I think you being in front of the camera is natural (family trait I guess). I remember your first vlog, how do you feel about it now ?
    • therunningrebel parent reply Right?! lol Luke's always telling me I should write a book, so maybe if Finn becomes a great cattle dog like his family before him I'll write one about that! 😉 That's a big maybe though, I don't think I have the patience or the grammar to write a full on book haha! I'm really glad you've enjoyed them! I agree with you there! They're all interesting in different ways. 😄 Haha I'm glad that I seem to be a better story teller than I've originally thought! Meh, don't feel bad for her, that was her own fault lol. If she wanted it she should have eaten it. I think a lot of people might be surprised at how often my dogs don't want treats. They aren't very good motivated like some dogs are. The think the work is it's own reward, which is pretty neat if you ask me!😊 Oh man, I felt so bad for Dean's mom, she was so upset and you could really tell. Poor thing. Luckily she had all of those kids to keep her busy and love on her, so I'm sure she ended up being fine. Oh yeah, Finn's breed...moreer cared very much! He asked what kind of collar we use (he didn't want us using the choker chains, which we don't), how we cut their nails, made sure we knew that "come" was probably the first and most important command we should teach him. It was pretty great! Luke texted him a few pics a week or so ago and he really seemed to appreciate that and was happy that he's doing well. 😄 Haha they are all definitely my favorites! They're the best dogs in the whole world!! (I'm a little biased though 😉) Whew, that's seriously good to know! I really worry about that stuff sometimes. I have really bad anxiety (not looking for sympathy or anything like that, just stating facts 😉), so I always end up worrying about how I come across to people when I'm interacting with them in anyway. So I definitely appreciate all of the kind reassurance. Haha those are definitely my two biggest passions! Dogs and running. 🙂 Haha I guess it must be! @jessicamartwin is very good at this whole vlogging thing! Whenever she's on camera it's like she's talking directly to you and not just to a camera, and that's something that I'm striving to do as well. Haha I think my first vlog really was a little awkward, but I guess I have come a long way from there. I'm definitely more comfortable with vlogging now, that's for sure! 😄
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Another great animal story! Actually, the random thoughts add to the vlog. Maybe you could be even more random! People have a lifetime of interesting stories, but they think nobody cares. I can only encourage you to share your stories, whether it is about the animals, growing up, recent events or anything else. You are good at telling stories. Thanks for sharing them with us!
    • therunningrebel parent reply Haha trust me, I can always be more random! lol sometimes it can be hard for me to just stay on one topic. But I'm glad to see that it seems to work for me! That's very true! Everyone has interesting stories to share with the world and I definitely enjoy hearing them! lol I definitely relate though, a lot of times I feel like nobody cares about my life stories or whatever, but I suppose that's not not true! I'm really glad that you, and everyone else, is enjoying my story telling! It's definitely making me want to share more! I've definitely got some cool stories about growing up on a farm, interesting things that have happened to me while running, and a whole plethora of animal stories! Thank you for watching and for all of your kind words and encouragement! I really truly appreciate it!! 😄
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