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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canada got some Great News May 27, 2017 We have a new leader in our Opposition Party Conservative that has values of supporting Canadians. One of his promises was to eliminate the Carbon TAX. He said it's shameful how they TAX home heating fuel. Now we need to get him elected in 2 Years. The current leader Trudeau showed his pink socks at the G7 as he is a Feminist. I think people should start a trend by presenting him pink panties or pink socks, maybe even some sarcastic remark like put them on or give us a kiss now. LOL To see Trudeau present his UN socks watch. Faith Goldy:Trump vs. Trudeau on the World Stage
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The UN now considers the Canadian and USA membership in NATO as their right to see the TAX payers of Both Countries PAY protection money. Both Canada and the USA protect Germany and France as they are both part of NATO, but what does either country get for doing this for 70 years. When do people say that Germany and France pay up or get lost. Americans pay to protect Germany and France, both who have excellent free health care for their people. while they complain about having to pay for their own defense. There meeting was in a BILLION dollar building. When Trump said they were abusing the USA he was standing in the proof. This glass monument was proof that they have money for everything but their own defense, that building should be in the USA as is the TAX payer of the USA that footed the bill. The USA has been protecting them for 70 years and the abuse has to stop. Trump should pull the troops from Germany and France until they pay what they own, It long past time the abuse of usi...moreng USA TAX dollars to support their economy and denying free heath care to Americans be ended.
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Your 100% right, they don't have no need to work within a budget. They just find a new TAX to impose on the people, and they still can't live within this limit. The debt is 20 Trillion despite all the illegal TAXES they have been collecting for over 70 years. Income Tax, Gas Tax, Use fees, license plate Taxes, Property Taxes, Don't know about School Taxes. Sales TAXES various levels, TAXES on Tax. TAXES on Utilities that use to be part of the property TAXES. TAXES for providing you a transformer for your power. Fees for returning you bottles. Environmental Fees, Fees to dispose of your used OIL. Now they are using fear to have people accept yet more TAXES Carbon TAXES. There imposing Carbon Capture on fuel and power productions to increase the cost and gather even more sales TAXES. They collect the TAXES then use it to fund propaganda like government funded media to Brainwash everyone that their giving us value for all the TAXES. Now they want to impoverish the people of North America...more by shipping jobs and production to China. It's a war on freedom, and they hate Trump. I know your right and you know the laws better than I ever will. Trudeau is turning Canada into a Islamic SHIT hole, of unemployment and regulations including restrictions on free speech. Bill M-103 ISLAMOPHOBIA. They don't want to teach this in the schools, instead it's gender studies, Multiculturalism.
    • SovereigntyInternational parent reply In the 1980's during the Reagan Administration, the report from the Grace Commission said that NOT one penny of taxes collected goes to pay for any government service.
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