YouTube & Steve Shives Vs. Free Speech

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  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply Why does anyone pay any attention to this Shives fellow? His channel claims and I quote "Social commentary and smartassery of a generally respectable quality" (Is this some kind of intelligent donkey in good condition?) Everything I have seen from him echoed on other channels has been so twisted in interpretation as to make me think he only does what he does as bait for others to use. Thus he cleverly brings attention to himself and increases his views which strokes his fragile ego. I don't think he can tell the difference between social commentary and smartassery, whatever he thinks that is. Nor do see any indications of his content being of a generally respectable quality. I maybe wrong but I am not going to view any based on what I have already seen. Thanks for the heads up.
    • [ – ] Hayesenberg parent reply I don't think you're too far off on your assessment of Shives, especially at this point. The stuff he's putting out now (the Dukes of Hazard video is a prime example) is so idiotic that he as to be doing it for the sole purpose he knows it'll get a reaction (understandably so). His content is the most vapid I've ever seen from anyone on YouTube, a site I've been on for the last decade. I do plan on cutting back on Shives related content, mostly because he's starting to bore me, and I like switching things up.
      • Muddywaters parent reply I think there is plenty of stuff out there that deserves attention. He strikes me as a waste of space not worthy of the attention he gets. You seem to be able to present topics well so will keep an eye out for future efforts.
  • [ – ] ParadigmProspector reply Nice video man. I hope you will get verified soon, I am still waiting. I do smell something fishy, but I might just have gotten unlucky so far and it's all good. Guess we're all harmed by youtube's recent BS. subbed.
    • Hayesenberg parent reply Thanks for the compliment and the sub. Not sure how verification on this site works, but I'd like to get the unlimited time and features. I can't say I've been effected by YouTube's BS, at least yet. The ad thing hasn't effected me (I don't show ads), all my videos are still up, and I have 0 strikes. I'm also a very small channel and probably under their radar. The only issue I'm having now is over the last month or so view count as dropped a lot. It might be people getting sick of me or it might be YouTube just not showing my videos. At this point either are possible.
  • [ – ] coldwar45 reply Awesome vid like usual
  • [ – ] WendyB reply 😘
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