#Game-me: When you want to go play a game, play #Go. A very brief intro to an #Asian #strategy game. #ai

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  • [ – ] RogueAi reply Literally just started getting into this game. This is a game of pure skill and wits. Go is believed to have been created over 4000 years ago in China, which is really just amazing to even think about. It's a war game. The winner is determined by adding up each players controlled territories and captured prisoners. Obviously the player with the most points wins. I read that on a 19x19 board there are more possible legal move variations than there are atoms in the entire Universe, just within the first 40 moves. Although I'm extremely new and don't have much clue, I have hope, as someone once said "Keep playing and learning and you'll eventually stop seeing stones and start seeing a beautiful battle."
    • [ – ] I3UTM parent reply My beautiful battle was to create a nice one-corner "barricade" and it turned into a four-corner mess. Ahh...A.I. turns my beautiful creation into a war. lol
      • RogueAi parent reply Not sure if you seen it but I found this very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPSJtzvSxEY
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